DreamHack Winter 2017: victory over Heroic

CS2 / News / 1 December 2017 — 17:45

Natus Vincere G2A win with the score of 16:11 and are to go in the upper bracket finals.

The pistol round on de_overpass started with ua s1mple being dead first, which put us in a 4v5 position, and soon ua Edward was left alone against 4. He tried to clutch out the round, but ultimately, the pistol went to the opponent. The subsequent two round also went the way of Terrorists, and the 4th one saw electronic try and defuse the bomb; he was the last man alive on the map after a 1v1 clutch, but with no time to defuse - 0:4. Next round, though, saw a careful play from ua NaVi and the first point our way; we capitalized on that to avoid reset and got 2 more points our way. That was all we could get, though, as Heroic went on another streak, winning the first half already 11 rounds in. We had to try and diminish that round gap as much as possible; the end of the half saw Heroic in the smallest lead possible - 1 round.

The pistol round of the second half went to dk Heroic again, as well as a subsequent one. 18th one, though, went our way and we capitalized on it to avoid resetting our economy. Rounds were traded between the teams, and both tried to damage the economy of the opponent. We managed to get a 2-round series soon, though, and moved on to claim more, leaving dk Heroic behind. The matchpoint came soon, at 15:11, and an outstanding performance by ua NaVi secured us the victory in this Bo1 series.