StarSeries S5: NAVI.GG.BET to playoffs!

CS2 / News / 1 June 2018 — 12:45

NAVI.GG.BET will play in front of the home crowd.

Beating kz AVANGAR, ua NAVI.GG.BET makes it into the playoffs of StarSeries S5 and will perform in front of home crowd at the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine"!

The tournament did not start well for ua Natus Vincere: the team was defeated by cn Tyloo with a score of 0:2 (16:19 - Mirage; 11:16 - Overpass). After the failure in the first round, our guys managed to get together and show an excellent game in a duel with another Chinese team - cn VG.Flash. Both maps of the match ended with the same score - 16:8 (Mirage and Train).

After getting into the pool of teams with the 1-1 stats, the Born To Win were to meet pl It was expected that the longstanding confrontation of these teams will make itself felt and we will see a fierce battle. However, from the very beginning, ua NAVI took the game under their control, denying any doubt and completing the series with a score of 2:0 in their favor (16:11 - Nuke; 16: 9 - Mirage).

In the fourth round, the draw brought ua NAVI with one of their main rivals of 2018 - eu mousesports. As predicted by many analysts, the series was a greatly contested and equal, but still, the victory was celebrated by the European squad. The final result was 1:2 (5:16 - Mirage, 16:2 - Nuke; 9:16 - Train). In the match for the exit to the playoffs, ua Natus Vincere had to face a battle with kz AVANGAR, and our guys took the game confidently, with 2:0 in their favor!

It is worth noting that one of the best players of the group stage among all the participants of the tournament (second place) was ua Olexander "S1mple" Kostyliev (rating 1.35). Also, Sasha had the most kills (253) and had the largest number of entry frags on the map (45).

In addition to ua S1mple, ru Egor "Flamie" Vasilev left his marks on the group stage records. He took the second place in headshots rating (123), and also took the third place in headshots per round (0.43).

Congratulations to our squad on a worthy performance in the group stage and an exit in the playoffs! The final stage of the tournament will be held on June 2-3, and ua NAVI will find out the first rival at the end of Friday's matches. We hope that our players will be able to effectively use the remaining time until Saturday and get ready for the quarterfinal match! #gonavi