DreamHack Winter 2017: Defeat vs Gambit

CS2 / News / 1 December 2017 — 20:06

A long-drawn game ends in a victory for Gambit, 28:31, as tomorrow, another battle awaits NaVi.

Inferno - Natus Vincere [0:1] Gambit

The pistol round on de_inferno went the way of ua NaVi, as we planted the bomb and killed all the members of kzGambit. Capitalizing on that, we got more rounds our way, attempting to create as much distance as possible between us. Despite some tough situations in the process, ua NaVi still managed to deny kzGambit any chance of getting a single round.

As we moved forth, the score gap was becoming a lot larger, with nothing looking up for kzGambit still. Eventually we won the first half 8:0, and looked to increase that lead even more. The first round that kzGambit got on board was the 10th one, with kzGambit catching a great peek timing, and the bomb defuse. ua NaVi were sitting on 10 rounds, and kzGambit started getting some more rounds, closing out the half at 10:5.

The second pistol round was claimed by ua NaVi again, and another couple of points was ours. Score 13:5, kzGambit had a small chance to start coming back, and ua Zeus was eventually left alone against 2, choosing to save. That victory allowed the opponent to grab more points their way. As the scoreline hit 13:9, we got another round our way, only to lose the next one.

The game was getting very tense, and we decided to deny kzGambit the chance to plant, as they ran out of time, and it came to the match point, which got denied. We had one more round to close out the map  - ultimately, we went into the overtime.

Overtime saw both teams trade rounds, and even though we were coming close to finishing the game, we could not quite get it, and the first overtime had both teams tie again. The second overtime had us take the first round and the second as well, and we were close to finishing the game, but could not find the deciding round, and we moved on to the third overtime. 2:1 was the score after the defense half for uaNaVi, but we did not find the means to close the OT, and moved to the fourth.

The game was as close as it gets, with neither team willing to put up with the defeat. As we got a small lead, the opponent instantly got it back, but as they were about to close it out, we killed off everyone and defused, driving the game further into the 5th overtime. Eventually, kzGambit got 2-round advantage, and the matchpoint went to them as well, and uaNaVi lost the series 0-1.