StarSeries S5: victory over SK Gaming

CS2 / News / 3 June 2018 — 09:31

To the semi-finals!

ua NAVI.GG.BET defeated br SK with a score of 2:1 and reached the semifinals of the tournament. At this stage of the championship, ua NAVI will meet with eu mousesports.

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] SK Gaming

The pistol round, as well as the force buy, in which br coldzera pulled off the ace, ended in favor of br SK. The first round of weapons, in turn, went into the bank ua NAVI. Having won in the next round, the rival had to use the first tactical pause.

After a short discussion, br SK decided to go for an eco and lost it. Thus, ua NAVI gained the lead in the match - 5:3. Having stabilized its economy, the terrorists earned three points and tied the score yet again (6:6). the end of the first half saw a few rather fierce fights, and ultimately, the half was taken by the opponent with a score of 6:9.

The second pistol and both economic rounds were claimed by the Born to Win. Thanks to the success in the weapons round, ua NAVI was in a lead (11:9), but also economically strong. Then the teams traded rounds, causing financial problems for the Counter-Terrorists.

However, using a timeout, the Brazilians coped with the situation on the map and earned the 2nd point in defense. As the game unraveled, none of the teams wanted to give up the advantage to the opponent, making the map that much more intense.

The regular time was not enough for the teams to end the game, and the overtimes kicked in. The first half of the first overtime, ua Natus Vincere claimed more points (2:1). After the change of sides our team had one matchpoint available, but br coldzera managed to win an incredible 1v3 clutch and bring the game over to the second overtime.

Unfortunately, the defense this time did not work out for our guys, and ua NAVI was defeated with a score of 3:0. As a result, br SK had three chances to win on de_inferno, and the Brazilians took advantage of the second one. The final result is 22:19.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:1] SK Gaming

The first pistol went to the Born to Win, but the Terrorists planted the bomb, so the gun round came up a bit sooner. ua NAVI did not let the Brazilians turn the game around, and won the buy round as well. As we were moving further into the game, the lead of ua Natus Vincere was becoming larger.

Only in the 8th round, br SK broke the winning streak of ua NAVI and earned the first point in the attack. After losing one more round, our team took tactical pause. The time-out went well: the guys won two rounds in a row. The first half concluded with the final score of 12:3

To attempt a comeback as the defence, the Brazilian team needed to win either a pistol round or a force buy. However, neither of those happened, as we have claimed those to extend the lead even further. Ultimately, the Born to Win beat br SK on de_overpass - 16:6.

Game 3 - Natus Vincere [2:1] SK Gaming

The starting portion of de_mirage was fully taken by ua NAVI: our guys won the pistol round, force buy and eco. After losing two gun rounds, we ran into some economic problems. Instead of an eco, though, our team bought with all the money available, which turned out to be the right step, as we earned a point and caused serious damage to the economy of the opponent.

br SK has taken the initiative by playing aggressively in the center of the map. This decision brought the Brazilian five two opening frags and the victory in the round. Due to this, the Brazilians took the lead in the game at that point - 5: 4.

Despite the victory in five rounds in a row, the counter-terrorists could not avoid economic problems due to the constant deaths of the players. The end of the first half of the map was dictated by ua NAVI, which allowed our team to reduce the difference in the score to one point - 7:8.

The second pistol went to ua Natus Vincere, but the opponents managed to plant the bomb. The players of br SK decided to risk by making a force buy, but this strategy did not quite work. Having won the weapons round, ua NAVI was in the lead with a score of 12:8.

Realizing the importance of the 21st round, br SK used yet another tactical pause. A short meeting did not change the status quo on the map: the course of the fight was still controlled by the Winners. As a result, br SK could not win a single round in the attack - ua NAVI takes the map (16:8).

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