StarSeries S5: the semi-finals

CS2 / News / 3 June 2018 — 09:40

Games will start at 14:00 CEST

The semi-final of StarSeries S5 will feature ua NAVI.GG.BET playing against eu mousesports. The match will start at 14:00 (CEST) in a usual Bo3 format.

As you remember, eu mousesports left the playoffs in the fourth round, beating ua Natus Vincere (2:1). Although the battle within the group stage unfolded on three maps, each of them ended rather "one-sided". So, the "mice" won the map pick of our team (16:6 - Mirage), and ua NAVI, in turn, was stronger on the opponent's map (16:2 - Nuke). As a result, the fate of the fight was decided on the Train, where the victory was claimed by the European five (16:9).

As for the quarterfinal matches, the games proved to be difficult for both teams. eu mousesports faced se NiP, and for the Winners - br SK. Both matches ended with the same score (2:1) in favor of eu mouz and ua NAVI, respectively. We believe that today our guys will be able to take revenge after the failure in the group stage and reach the grand final of StarSeries S5! #gonavi

StarSeries S5 (BO3)
14:00 CEST
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