StarSeries S5: victory over mousesports

CS2 / News / 3 June 2018 — 17:25

An intense series!

The semifinal match at StarSeries S5 saw ua NAVI.GG.BET face off against the European squad eu mousesports in a Bo3 series yet again. The series ended in a 2:1 score, as ua NAVI make it into the grand final of StarSeries S5!

INFERNO - Natus Vincere [7:16] mousesports

The first game of the series started off with a pistols round for eu mousesports, while the second round went our way. Unfortunately, we did not manage to carry the momentum over to the next round, as the opponents went on a 3-round streak. ua NAVI finally had money to get a round on board, but yet again, the attack during the next round was not successful.

The half was tough, as there were no solid series of rounds coming in for ua NAVI, and the economy wasn't in the best shape either. Only towards the end of the half did the attack manage to pull off 2 in a row, with ru electronic disrupting the defense from the behind. Unfortunately, we were unable to close out the half 6:9, as eu mouz take it 5:10.

The second pistols were taken by the T side, as we were falling behind even more. The first gun round did not salvage our position, as we were sitting on the same 5 rounds of the first half. ua NAVI bought up with all the money available, attempting to come back into the game.

The first match point came up, and we had to cover the 10 round deficit. We've made the first step, bumping the score up to 7:15. Unfortunately, the gap was too big to cover fully - we drop the map 7:16.

MIRAGE - Natus Vincere [16:12] mousesports

The pistols round, just like the next one, saw a retake and a defuse coming in for ua NAVI - 2 points our way, but the plants allowed the opponents to establish a decent economy, and get the third round. The next one turned out to be incredibly tough, as we couldn't afford the best guns, but managed to do our best with what we had - 3:1.

A few rounds both ways led the score to 5:3, and eu mouz managed to tie the game 5:5, and a little later, eu oskar pulled off a 4k to secure another tie. The opponents managed another 4k, and the score came to the dangerous 6:8. Unfortunately, the last round of the half saw our defense fall apart, and the half ends with 6:9.

The second pistol round allowed eu mouz to break the double digits, but ua NAVI didn't want to allow the opponents a chance to get an even bigger lead, winning their force buy and going on a streak. ua s1mple managed to play out 1v1 clutch, and the game came to another tie 10:10. Our morale and economy were rather solid, and we've reclaimed the lead on the map.

The round 23 was a very close one for ua NAVI, as almost everyone was incredibly low on HP, but the superb shooting allowed us to take it. Our streak of 7 rounds was interrupted by eu mouz after we decided to play the round fast. The opponents managed to bump the score up to 12:13, but the next one saw us deny any chance of retake, as eu mouz lost all devices; the next round was the map point, and the economy of the opponent left a lot to be desired. The last map saw nobody left on the side of ua NAVI in the last seconds, but there was no time left to defuse - we are going to the decider.

NUKE - Natus Vincere [16:8] Mousesports

The first pistol round went the way of eu mouz, but the second saw ua s1mple step up to the challenge and getting 3k and a plant on board. ua NAVI was getting a lot done, applying pressure on every front and minimizing the losses. Round 7 saw smokes not line up quite perfectly, but that did little to stop our advance - 6:1.

As the score hit 7:1, eu mouz managed to get 1 round, and another one as well, before we managed to get the bomb planted in the last second, and the last opponent remaining wasn't enough to defuse the bomb - 8:3. The round trades, though, weren't really going our way. We still had money and weapons, but the half ended with the minimal advantage - 8:7.

The pistols on the second half went the way of ua NAVI and the force round saw a good retake, as the last man standing on the side of the opponent had no way of defending. For the gun round ua Zeus opted for XM1014, and pulled off a 3k. Round 21 was an incredibly close one, as the bomb was being defused as there was very little time - 14:7.

The next round was the one when eu mousesports took their first round of the second half, and ua NAVI took the tactical pause to gather their thoughts. This was rather productive, as right in the next one, we reached the match point - 15:8. It did not take ua NAVI long to finish the game - the defuse came in with only 1 to defend - we make it to the grand finals with 2:1!

Overall match stats