StarSeries S5: the triumph over NRG

CS2 / News / 3 June 2018 — 20:00

A strong and beautiful performance!

The grand-finals of StarSeries S5 saw ua NAVI.GG.BET play against the North American team us NRG. The Bo3 ended with a confident 2:0 victory, as ua NAVI takes the series!

OVERPASS - Natus Vincere [16:8] NRG

The first game of the series saw ua NAVI take the initiative - even if we lost ua Edward early on, we still claimed the first round and established a 3:0 lead a couple of rounds later. The gun round kicked in, and us NRG had only 1 man standing to defuse the bomb - the attempt was there, but our squad defended it. Round 6 saw us FugLy almost pull off a clutch, but the bomb was already ticking down - 6:0.

Round 8 was the first point going the way of us NRG, and managed to avoid the reset. Those 2 rounds were interrupted by our team getting the B plant. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to go on another streak, as the force round from the opponents was successful. The streak was becoming quite threatening - even if we have already hit 8 points, us NRG finished the half with minimal distance to ua NAVI - 8:7.

The pistols, yet again, was taken by ua NAVI and a few more went our way - 12:7. Both teams bought the guns, and us NRG claimed their 8th point. We still had no intention of letting the opponent sprint ahead, and a 3-round streak marked the first match point - 15:8. The final round saw ua NAVI deal with the opponent rather confidently, as it came down to 4v1 - we take the first game 16:8!

MIRAGE - Natus Vincere [16:7] NRG

The pistol round was an incredibly clutch one, as ua electronic killed the bomb defuser moments before the bomb would have been defused - we open the scoreboard. The third round saw ru flamie pull off an ace to secure the point after the plant. The first gun round went the way of the opponent after a series of aggressive trades, and the scoreline eventually hit 3:3. us NRG broke ahead, claiming the 7th round, but the 8th one saw the score tie again - 4:4.

The teams traded rounds, but we maintained the lead nonetheless - 7:5 was the score 12 rounds in, and we were getting bomb plants rather often, boosting the economy. We were the first ones to hit 8 points and tried to make the difference larger. Both us NRG and ua NAVI claimed a point, finishing the half with 9:6.

Yet another pistol round was claimed by ua NAVI, which transformed into a double lead - 12:6. us NRG planted the bomb once, which slightly boosted their economy. Put that plant didn't help them much, as eventually, ua NAVI hit 15:6 - not a single point taken for the attack. us NRG took the tactical pause, and after it, took the first point for the attack. The final round saw ua s1mple left in a 1v1 situation, and he was up to the task - 16:7!

Overall match stats