StarSeries S5: Recap

CS2 / News / 6 June 2018 — 09:21

NAVI.GG.BET crowned StarSeries S5 champions!

We finish our StarSeries S5 journey on a high note, as we claim our first title of 2018! Our boys defeated the North-American lineup us NRG 2-0 in the grand final (16-8 – Overpass; 16-7 – Mirage), taking home the trophy and $125,000.

Looking at the milestones we reached en route to the victory, we certainly had quite a slow start into the group stage, opening the tournament campaign with a 0-2 loss to  cn Tyloo in Round 1. The second round matched us against another Chinese representative, cn VG.Flash, and we quickly bounced back, securing a confident 2-0 win.

We were matched against our long-time opponents pl for Round 3, but the battle turned out to be quite one-sided this time. We won 2-0 and found ourselves one step away from the playoffs, but eu mousesports denied this win streak, becoming the first team to secure the spot in the playoffs. Notably, the revenge for this loss, as well as the defeat in the StarSeries S4 grand final was finally ours in the semis. After losing to mousesports, we had to win another game, against kz AVANGAR (2-0), to proceed to the playoffs.

In quarterfinals, we witnessed one of the most exciting games of StarSeries S5 — ua NAVI vs br SK Gaming, which was mostly due to ua s1mple and br coldzera having an outstanding match on Map 1. S1mple, for one, produced another brilliant performance, finishing with a 1,55 rating, + 48, 94-46 K-D.

Oleksandr was awarded his third MVP medal this year, the previous ones being StarSeries S4 at DreamHack Masters Marseille. Aside from that, he topped the scoreboard in some other categories, scoring the biggest number of frags (462), headshots (216), and successful entry frags (67,8 %).

His teammates, too, tried their best this weekend. ua Zeus, as a true captain, topped the assist scoreboard (77) followed by ua Edward (72) and ru electronic (72) who placed second and third. The latter also had the fewest deaths in the tournament (0,60 per round) and won as many clutches as ua s1mple (8).

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 462/301 +161 91,6 1,40
ru electronic 360/296 +64 82,3 1,19
ru flamie 341/328 +13 79,2 1,11
Edward 352/330 +22 77,9 1,09
Zeus 249/313 -64 59,9 0,90

Looking at the team stats, we can clearly see the results of the team's rigorous practice, especially on de_nuke (3/3). The most picked map was de_mirage, which we won 6 out of 8 times. Focusing on weaker maps, however, led to Inferno results getting worse – 1 win out of 3 games.

We'll see ua NAVI again at CS:GO Asia Championship 2018 in China, which will take place on June 14-18. Despite the lack of some of the tier 1 teams, it will be a great chance to move up the HLTV ranking and have our last rehearsal before ESL One Cologne 2018. Hopefully, we'll carry our momentum into this event and be able to secure our second title of 2018! #gonavi

Prize pool distribution

1 place: ua NAVI.GG.BET — $ 125,000
2 place: us NRG Esports — $ 50,000
3-4 place: eu mousesports, dk North — $ 25,000
5-8 place: br SK Gaming, se Ninjas in Pyjamas, pl AGO Esports, us Team Liquid — $ 10,000
9-11 place: kz AVANGAR, au Renegades, se GODSENT — $ 6,000
12-14 place: cn TyLoo, eu HellRaisers, ru — $ 4,000
15-16 place: cn VG.FlashGaming, kz Gambit Esports — $ 2,500