CS:GO Asia Championships 2018: The first victory!

CS2 / News / 14 June 2018 — 08:33

Winning against Team Envy 2-0

ua NAVI.GG.BET seal off their first victory in CS:GO Asia Championships 2018, winning against  fr Team Envy (2-0). Coming up next is the series against the winner of the se NiP vs cn VG.Flash matchup.

overpass — Natus Vincere [19-16] team envy

Game 1 kicked off with fr Team Envy securing the first pistol round, but our boys stroke back with a successful force buy. Then, with a well-executed gun round, we managed to secure a solid 5-1 lead which was pegged back only after the French had their economy stabilized and took one round back.

After two more lost rounds, we had no economy to buy further, but the boys decided to go for a force which led to fr Team Envy reducing the deficit to just one round. However, we managed to pull ourselves together and step up our game in the second half, winning it with a 9-6 score. 

The second pistol and two ensuing anti-ecos went the way of fr Team Envy. Despite winning 5 consecutive rounds, however, they quickly lost the momentum by losing one round and had their economy reset letting NAVI take the 12-11 lead.

We extended that lead to 14-11 but then lost in a 5v3 situation and three consecutive clutches. Luckily, fr Team Envy couldn't capitalize on their match point advantage and our boys took the game to overtime. Its first half went 2-1 in our favor, and the second one saw us further our advantage as the French failed to take any more rounds – Natus Vincere wins 19-16.

inferno — Natus Vincere [16-12] team envy

The second map, de_inferno, began with fr Team Envy jumping right ahead, as they took the pistol round and two anti-ecos for a 3-0 start. From there, they went on to win the gun round as well, but a successful save strategy allowed our boys to open the score in the fourth round.

After losing in the round that followed, however, we found ourselves in an economy reset situation and Team Envy extended their lead to 7-1. We then turned an eco buy into a round win, but both teams then traded rounds back-to-back until the economy of the French was ruined. This time it was NAVI who lost the anti-eco, losing the first half at a 4-11 disadvantage.

We had to win either the pistol round or a force buy to keep our comeback hopes alive and luckily, got the task done already in the first attempt. Then, after winning the gun round, the boys managed to decrease the deficit to only two points, 9-11.

From there, we kept the game fully under our control – Team Envy managed to open the score as CTs only in the 23rd round. After securing control over Banana and taking B site, we broke CTs' economy once again – the game ends 16-12 in our favor.

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