CS:GO Asia Championships: victory over

CS2 / News / 18 June 2018 — 12:57

Victory is ours!

The grand finals of CS:GO Asia Championships 2018 saw ua NAVI.GG.BET play against pl in a Bo3 series. The winner of the encounter was ua Natus Vincere with the score 2:1!

de_dust2 - Natus Vincere [0:1]

The pistol round and force buy ended in favor of pl, after which we paused due to technical problems for ua Zeus. Back on the server, ua Natus Vincere players decided on the second force buy in a row and won it.

However, the loss of the round in response destroyed the economy of counter-terrorists. Several force buys subsequently led to nothing, and the Poles took the lead - 7:1. TThe history repeated itself: ua NAVI earned a point, but then lost the round in response. pl's sweep through de_dust was ended by our guys in the 15th round, but the final result of the first half of the meeting was not affected too much - the victory was taken by the Polish team with a score of 12:3.

ua NAVI needed to take either the pistol round or the force buy for a chance to come back into this map. However, it was not to be, as the opponents confidently take the map 1.

de_nuke - Natus Vincere [1:1]

The Nuke card began for our team with the win of the pistol round, which ended with clutch 1 in 3 from ua Zeus. After that, ua NAVI successfully dealt with the force buy and the opponent's eco. In the weapons round, ua Natus Vincere also overcame their opponent. Subsequently, the Born to Win led in the match with a score of 5:0.

Having stabilized the financial situation, the players of pl took over the initiative and earned two points. Despite this, the counter-terrorist economy was not in the best condition, therefore, having lost only one round, the Poles were left without money. The rival of our team did not manage to get many points in defense, and they lost the first half of the map with the score 3:12.

Despite the defeat in the pistol, pl managed to plant the bomb and thereby pull off a full buy already in the third round of the second half. Even if the Poles won the gun round, they lost the round in return, which guaranteed our team 11 match points. The final result is the victory of ua NAVI (16:4).

de_train - Natus Vincere [2:1]

Having won a knife round, the Polish five chose the side of the defense. The pistol round, in which pl NEO made 4 frags, as well as a force buy and an eco ended in favor of pl The gun round, in turn, ended in favor of ua NAVI. After winning the next couple of rounds, the players of ua Natus Vincere equalized the score - 3: 3.

As the game went on, the fight continued to go under the dictation of the Born to Win. Before the 12th round, pl. players used their tactical pause. However, a short meeting did not help the Poles to slow down the pace of our team and to seize the initiative in the match. Thus, the first half of the meeting ended in favor of ua NAVI with a score of 12:3.

The hero of the second pistol became pl MICHU, who made 3 frags. After losing the first force buy, the players of ua Natus Vincere decided to go for a buy again and won it, thanks to the excellent clutch of ua Zeus 1 v 2. Then the teams traded rounds, which practically removed all the questions about the winner of this duel. As a result, ua NAVI won pl with a score of 16:6.

Overall match stats