ESL One Cologne 2018 Chronicles

CS2 / News / 2 July 2018 — 15:44

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Black and yellow are once again headed for Cologne, Germany, which will be hosting another ESL One tournament on July 3-8. It will bring together the world's best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams, which means we are all in for a treat! We are here to keep you up to date as the games pan out.

You'll find match details, exclusive photos and videos, interesting posts from Instagram and other social media platforms in our ESL One Cologne 2018 chronicle. This article will be regularly updated. Raise shields for ua NAVI.GG.BET#gonavi

We had a short break before setting out for one of Europe's famous esports cities, taking some well-deserved rest after winning CS:GO Asia Championships 2018 and the StarSeries event in Kyiv. The boys will be looking to extend their streak to three tournament wins and are all set to enter the ESL One Cologne 2018 battle.

Mikhail "Kane" Blagin
NAVI Coach

"Let's talk a little about the Cologne tournament. I have earlier mentioned that this event is not a priority for us, but we still feel like we have to give our 100% at every tournament we attend. We can try experimenting in some games, pick our weaker maps, but we still want to win. If we look at Cologne as the preparation before ELEAGUE, we'll have to play as many games as possible! I hope we won't want to stop! "

Although there's still some time left until the next major, the Cologne tournament looks like a potential cliffhanger due to its formidable lineup of participants. For more information about the teams, format and other details please check out our .

NAVI will begin their ESL One Cologne run on July 3, 13:10 CEST, meeting fr G2 Esports in the opener. Find the overview of our first opponent in .

: I think I'll describe what the majority thinks: the boys must beat G2 easily, move on to mousesports (I think they will win against kz Gambit) and show another dominating performance! I think the trophy will be contested between NAVI and dk Astralis.

SLTV analysts also offered their take on how the tournament will unfold. Do you know what ua Oleksandr "petr1k" Petryk and ua Aleksey "xaoc" Kucherov think about Natus Vincere's chances?

How will @cios_snax influence @ mousesports's performance as a stand-in? What can we expect from the CIS teams? Who is the main favorite at ESL One Cologne 2018? Check out the new episode of "Two and a Half Analyst" from @ petr1k_tv and @xaocCSGO!

Born Win have already arrived in Germany. Cologne welcomed us with lovely sunny weather and traditional gifts from tournament organizers! It's no wonder that ESL One tournaments are always so eagerly anticipated:

The team is following the World Cup closely: our boys watched the Russia vs Spain game in a fun, friendly atmosphere: 

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