ESL One Cologne 2018: victory over Cloud9

CS2 / News / 4 July 2018 — 17:53

A good show from the guys!

In the second match of the lower bracket, ua NAVI.GG.BET beat us Cloud9 (2:0) and went into the next round, where they will meet fi ENCE for a place in the playoffs.

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] Cloud9

The pistol round, force buy and eco went to the American team. The first gun round, in turn, went into the account of ua NAVI. As we managed to pick up 2 next rounds, we've tied the score back to 3:3 and left the terrorists with broken economy. In the 9th round, ua NAVI had an excellent opportunity to extend their winning streak to six points, but did not manage to beat the opponent during their eco.

Fortunately, already in the next round, the players of ua Natus Vincere were able to correct their recent oversight by winning the round in response. However, in the 12th round, two incredible kills with a Deagle again allowed us Cloud9 to win yet another eco. Despite this, the first half of the game still ended in favor of the Born to Win with a score of 9:6.

After losing pistol and force buy, our guys decided to go for some guns, which almost ended in favor of ua NAVI. Fortunately, the planted bomb provided the Born to Win the opportunity to go a full-fledged buy for the next round. As us Cloud9 kept dying, their economy was really shaky. The teams traded rounds, as a result of which, ultimately, us Cloud9 had to go for an eco.

This decision did not particularly affect the further development of events in the match, because ua NAVI managed to get 5 match points. And yet the players of ua Natus Vincere only won the last of them and beat us Cloud9 on Inferno (16:14).

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [2:0] Cloud9

The first pistol went the way of ua Natus Vincere, and this time us Cloud9 responded with force buy taken. Fortunately, ua NAVI returned the favor during their own force buy. In the first gun round, the American team managed to take over. After that, the Born to Win took a round in response, which destroyed the terrorists' eonomy.

The second eco of the opponent, though, proved to be more challenging than the first one. After losing another round, it was ua NAVI who ran out of money, but Born to Win also managed to take the force buy in return. The end of the first half of the meeting was an equal fight, and ua NAVI took the half with a score of 10:5.

The second pistol and both economic rounds ended in favor of us Cloud9. Success in the gun round provided the Born to Win with three round advantage (11:8), as well as breaking the bank of the opponent. Unfortunately, ua NAVI again failed to deal with the incoming force buy. Subsequently, the score in the match equalized - 11:11.

In a little while, the teams traded rounds, which did not end too well for the economy of the defending players. However, our guys managed to come out of the situation with honor and win a bad purchase. As a result, ua NAVI beat us Cloud9 on Overpass - 16:12.


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