ESL One Cologne 2018: NAVI.GG.BET to playoffs!

CS2 / News / 5 July 2018 — 08:34

NAVI.GG.BET will return to Lanxess Arena!

ua NAVI.GG.BET beat fi ENCE and proceed to the playoffs of ESL One Cologne, which are set to be played at Lanxess Arena in front of a live crowd. Our quarter-final opponents are yet to be defined.

The groups were a rocky stretch for us, as we fell to the lower bracket after losing to fr G2 Esports in the opening round (14-16 on Inferno). We then entered a CIS derby versus kz Gambit on that same day, which was a dominating 2-0 performance from us (16-6 on Overpass; 16-5 on Train).

Day 2 saw us go up against us Cloud9, who breezed past se NiP in the opener (16-3 on Inferno) and lost to dk Astralis in the second round (0-2). As expected, the game against them turned out to be very intense, with our boys winning 2-0  (16-14 on Inferno; 16-12 on Overpass).

The decider pitted ua NAVI against fi ENCE. The Finnish five began their run with a surprising performance, as they sent home se NiP (2-0) and eu mousesports (2-0). The concluding game brought another close series, but our boys came out on top this time – 2-1 (15-16 on Dust 2; 16-14 on Mirage; 16-7 on Nuke).

It's worth noting that ua NAVI's MVP was ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev who finished the group stage with second best rating (1,47) and opening frag statistics (36). Besides, he topped the leaderboards in terms of frags (205). 

Congratulations to Born to Win on their decent group stage performance! The playoffs will take place on July 6-8. We are sure the boys will do their best while preparing and try to put their best foot forward in the quarter-finals! #gonavi