Nations Cup: Final stage starts!

PUBG / News / 7 July 2018 — 10:48

The strongest team will soon be known!

Nations Cup has brought together a number of European national teams to battle it out to be named the best. Team Russia, with our ru Vadim "POKAMOLDOY" Ulshin and ru Dmitrii "Shade1" Roshchin aboard, are also in attendance.

The competition initially featured 32 lineups, only half of which made it to the next stage. There, the teams were split into two groups and participated in 8 matches to determine those who would qualify to advance further.

Day 1 found ru NAVI struggling to secure a good spot at first, but the boys stepped up their game once the lobbies were shuffled. They placed 6th in the group on the second attempt and moved up in the overall standings.

The players scored 30 kills, earning a total of 820 points and finishing in 13th place to secure a spot in the Auzom Nations Cup finals.

The finals will take place on July 7-8, with the games starting at 13:00 CEST. The contenders will have to play a total of 10 matches. Team Russia will be looking to improve on their qualifying stage result and prove they deserve a place at the top of the leaderboard!

Standing Team Total Kills
1  fi Team Finland 1018 59
2  tr Team Turkey 673 14
3  be Team Belgium 619 27
4  no Team Norway 610 25
5  cz Team Czech Republic 551 18
6  es Team Spain 526 13
7  ba Team Bosnia and Herzegovina 515 15
8  fr Team France 510 15
9  ru Team Russia  431 28
10  ch Team Switzerland  428 9
11  it Team Italy 385 20
12  nl Team Netherlands  351 13
13  lt Team Lithuania 289 12
14  bg Team Bulgaria 283 9
15  gb Team United Kingdom  260 10
16  se Team Sweden 197 6



ru Aleksey «0nuqtive» Trufanov (team captain, AVANGAR)
ru Dmitrii «Shade1» Roshchin (Natus Vincere)
ru Vadim «POKAMOLDOY» Ulshin (Natus Vincere)
ru Taras «Snoopykx» Bezyazichny (Team Empire)
ru Maksim «Maxiz0r» Tatarintsev (Vega Squadron)