DreamHack Winter 2017: the victorious end!

CS2 / News / 3 December 2017 — 18:54

We claim the top placement in DreamHack Winter 2017

The grand finals of DreamHack Winter 2017 saw uaNatus Vincere G2A battle it out against the eumousesports. The Bo3 encounter saw a confident play from both teams, but ultimately, uaNatus Vincere G2A emerged victorious from the brawl.

Picks and bans

Natus Vincere


Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] mousesports

The first pistol round kicked off somewhat poorly for us, but we recovered quite soon, and took the round, alongside the next ones, including the buy round from eumousesports. The situation was really looking up for us - 5 rounds in the CT side was yet to go on the scoreboard. 6th round saw us plant the bomb almost as the timer ran out, but the round was still ours. We secured the first half 10 rounds in with 8:2, and worked on making the round difference larger. Some rounds were picked up by the opponent, but overall, uaNaVi closed out the first half with 11:4 on the scoreboard

For the second half, uaNaVi played as the CTs, and the first round went to us, with the opponent wasting quite a lot of time. More rounds were picked up by us - despite bomb plants coming in, they were defused almost all the time. The map point came very soon, as eumousesports did not get a single round in the second half, the map point also going to uaNaVi, as we claim the first map 16:4!

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [2:0] mousesports

The pistol round went the way of uaNaVi, while the next one was snatched by mousesports; the next couple of rounds was also traded, as teams went even for a while, both having 2, then 3 rounds. There were clutches, and 4v1 rounds - lots of actionб and the game did not go in anyone's favor just yet. Eventually, eumousesports got ahead and claimed 8 points soon enough - we were playing from behind. The run of the eumousesports was ended after 6 rounds with a patient round from uaNaVi, but there was lots more to do, with us closing the half 6:9.

The last pistol round of the map. just like the ones before, went to us, and eventually uaNaVi covered the round difference, tying the game 9:9, and getting 3-round lead. The game felt much more comfortable for us, and even the broken streak did not do much to our economy, as we continued to move forth, eventually getting to match point - 15:11, 1 round away, and we did not hesitate to claim it, winning the Grand Finals 2-0. GG!