Natus Vincere G2A - champions of DreamHack Winter 2017

CS2 / News / 3 December 2017 — 19:22

The first trophy for electronic in NaVi.G2A - a great debut!

DreamHack Winter 2017 Grand Finals in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had just finished, and the spectators had a chance to witness ua Natus Vincere G2A fight against the European team eu mousesports. The encounter was held in a Bo3 format.

The first map was de_cbble, and we started off brilliantly and confidently. The opponent did not have a lot of openings, while we showed our best game, securing round after round. Occasionally we would let some slip, but those did no damage to us, as we would immediately reset, securing the advantage even further. Second ha;f saw us continue the domination, and eu mousesports did not get a chance to turn the game around into their favor, as ua NaVi claim the first map 16:4!

The second map, chosen by us, was de_inferno. This time, the game was a lot more even at the beginning, with rounds traded, and clutches happening. Eventually, eu mousesports got a significant lead, all the way up to 3:9. As that happened, we regained our concentration and started to climb back. Several important victories destabilized the economy of the opponent, while our finances, as well as our spirits, were strong. More confident rounds followed, and despite the attempts by eu mousesports to regain the advantage, it was all in vain, as we claim the second map 16:11 and the series 2-0!

Thus, ua Natus Vincere G2A claim the title of the champions at DreamHack Winter 2017, and a hefty prize of $50,000! Congratulations to our squad and our fans on this long-awaited victory! This was the first appearance of ru electronic within the ranks of ua Natus Vincere G2A, and we can say he brought his best game. A shoutout also goes to ua s1mple, who demonstrated a fantastic and consistent performance throughout the tournament.


The prize pool distribution is as follows:
1st place — uaNatus Vincere G2A — $50,000
2nd place — eumousesports — $20,000
3 / 4 places — kz Gambit Gamingfr Team EnVyUs — $ 10,000 each

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