PPL Summer LAN: Losing to Fnatic

News / 19 July 2018 — 11:33

Falling to Fnatic 4-1

Unfortunately, eu NAVI.GG.BET are out of the summer split of Paladins Premier League as we suffer a 1-4 defeat at the hands of eu Fnatic.

The opponents took control of the game right off the bat – despite starting out shaky with a 2-2 score, Fnatic were able to bring the game to an advantageous 4-2 score with two solid attacks. Thanks to fi Mutu's great plays, our team won the second round in a flawless fashion, 4-0.

Map 3 saw Fnatic strike back with an exact same score, 4-0. The next map found NAVI looking a lot better, but we lost again, 1-4.

With a super aggressive pick on Map 5, our opponents were able to close out the series in their faovr, winning 4-0. Despite all our attempts to turn the tide of the game, Fnatic come out on this time and advance into the grand final of the tournament. 

NAVI.GG.BET Paladins squad:

nl Kai von Duppen
fi Kari Parviainen
dk Kevin Jensen
pl Pawel Majszyk
fi Temu Teenhunen
Front line / Flex Damage / Flank Front line / Flex Damage / Flex Support / Flex

Prize pool distribution:

1 place —  G2 Esports — $ 20 000
2 place —  Fnatic — $ 12 000
3-4 place —  NAVI.GG.BET,  Team Envy — $ 9 000