Paladins Summer Finals: The third game

News / 21 July 2018 — 08:37

Approximate start time is 20:00 CEST.

eu NAVI.GG.BET continue moving through the Paladins Summer Finals bracket and are gearing up to face ar Burrito in a bo5 later today.

Burrito is a team that proved they should not be underestimated as they managed to secure two victories under their belt, including the intense matchup against eu Fnatic.

This upset did not only propel Burrito into the winners' final but also boosted their motivation. Having gained confidence in their power, they will be coming into the game with positive expectations and hope for another win. 

On the other hand, our boys will be looking to extend their string of successes after taking down two opponents. Wish us good luck and tune in to support the team at 20:00 CEST! #gonavi

Paladins Summer Finals (BO5)
20:00 CEST
  • Faenex
  • Mutu
  • Laizy
  • Creativs2
  • spunkki

  • Hecate
  • Puleule
  • saadhak
  • crims0n
  • FuzzyL0gic