Natus Vincere - champion of Paladins Summer Finals!

News / 22 July 2018 — 17:59

A confident victory!

eu NAVI.GG.BET defeated us Team Envy in the Grand Final of the Paladins Summer Finals! Our team becomes the winner of the summer tournament and receives a reward of $ 40,000.

Over the course of four days in the US, many battles were fought to determine who's the strongest contender of Paladins Summer Finals. Ten teams representing the European and American divisions played for $ 100,000.

"Yellow-black" held four brilliant fights and did not give viewers a single reason to doubt that they are worthy of the main reward. At the start, the guys encountered the Australians, au Kanga Esports - eu Natus Vincere managed to take the victory with no problems.

The matches against us Team Envy and ar Burrito did not pose a substantial challenge either. As for the decisive series, the team us Team Envy became our opponent yet again. Even though the battle was quite tense, our players beat the competitor with the score 4:2.

Prize Pool:

1 place: eu NAVI — 40000 $
2 place: us Team Envy — 20000 $
3–4 places: eu Fnatic,  eu Burrito — 10000 $
5–6 places: us G2 Esports, eu ClownFiesta — 4000 $
7–8 places: au Kanga Esports, br Spacestation Gaming — 4000 $
9–10 places: ru Armada Esports, ph WolfPack — 2000 $
11 place: us Gankstars

We congratulate the renewed lineup of "yellow-black" with a successful performance at the Paladins Summer Finals. The trophy of this championship will be the third in the collection of eu Natus Vincere. Keep it up! #gonavi