ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018: NAVI.GG.BET to playoffs!

CS2 / News / 24 July 2018 — 08:31

NAVI.GG.BET advance to the playoffs!

ua NAVI.GG.BET win against eu mousesports and proceed to the playoffs of ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, with only two wins now separating our boys from the ultimate victory. 

In the drive towards the playoffs, we had to first beat the Swedish five of se fnatic – we first traded victories on our opposite map picks, our boys winning on de_mirage (16-13), and Swedes prevailing on de_inferno (16-11). The decider map saw us struggle in the opening half, as we lost a force after winning pistols.

From that point on, we seized control of the game, closing it out in our favor 16-8. ua s1mple was named an MVP of that match, with the best plays on Train (27-13 KD; 1,66 rating; 97,3 ADR).

Looking at the game against eu mouz, the opponents took the first map, de_inferno (14-16), while NAVI proved stronger on de_train (16-7). The decider map, de_mirage, saw us win with a 16-11 scoreline.  ua s1mple was again proclaimed the MVP with 63-37 KD, 1,29 rating and 80,8 ADR.

Congratulations to our boys for their solid performance in the group! The playoffs will take place on July 28-29. The names of our opponents will be revealed later this week. Cheer for NAVI! #gonavi