ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018: victory over mouz

CS2 / News / 23 July 2018 — 23:34

A good start of the tournament!

The second series of ua NAVI.GG.BET at ELEAGUE GS:GO Premier 2018 was against eu mouz. The Bo3 saw some very close games but in the end, ua NAVI take the series 2:1!

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] mouz

The first game of the series unraveled on Inferno. The pistol round and the next 2 went the way of eu mouz, while the buy round saw ua NAVI take over the initiative for a couple of rounds. We almost tied the game back, but the opponent managed to stop our advance and claimed the 4th point.

 ua NAVI bounced right back up, though, finally getting on even foot - 4:4. The 9th round saw ua Edward left in a 1v3, and eu mouz broke ahead again. The back-and-forth game continued, with ua NAVI ultimately taking the 8th point, securing the half at 8:7 - minimal advantage.

The quick trades of the pistol round resulted in ua NAVI taking the pistols in the second half, but the force buy went the way of eu mouz. We did not let them tie the game again, though, taking 2 in a row to put us 3 rounds above. eu mouz broke our streak again, as they propelled themselves into the double-digits, and towards another temporary tie - 11:11.

 ua NAVI seemed to lost the grip on the game for a while, as eu mouz quickly gained a few points, climbing to 11:13. ua NAVI, however, managed to buy up and play around very little pressure from the opponent - we evened the score, and eu mouz didn't have a lot to work with, spending almost everything. They avoided the ruined economy and regained the advantage. We went for the max utility, and the game became as close as ever - we opted to save and allow eu mouz to get the match point; despite our best attempts, the opponents took the game 1 16:14.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:1] mouz

The second game took place on Train. The pistols was claimed by ua NAVI, just like the next couple. Unfortunately, the first gun round went the opposite way, but the reset came swiftly. Another series of rounds followed for ua NAVI, as we hit 8 points without any difficulties thanks to a couple of extremely swift rounds, with a 4k for ru electronic.

Our economy was in a great shape, and we started working on making the gap even larger. eu mouz took another round to their name again, but the history repeated itself - the scoreboard read 9:2. We were cruising through the half thus far, getting into the double digits. The first half concluded at 12:3 for us.

 eu mouz won the second pistol round, but we were in a fairly comfortable position still. However, ua NAVI dropped quite a few rounds, approaching max loss bonus. We took 1 point, but the opponent denied us the next one, defusing the bomb in a 1v1.

Slowly but surely, ua NAVI inched towards the conclusion - even though some rounds were traded, 3 were enough to secure a match point. The opponent only had 1 man standing against 4 of ours, and the second map is taken by ua NAVI 16:7, as we move to the decider.

Game 3 - Natus Vincere [2:1] mouz

The decisive game took us to Mirage. ua NAVI showed initiative from the very first rounds, taking the pistols and 2 more to secure an initial 3:0. The gun round did not brighten things up for eu mouz a whole lot, as we kept moving forth. Only during the 6th round did the opponent manage to gather the thoughts and retaliate. The round trade that ensued was a good one for us, as we managed to score 8 points, winning the first half. Nonetheless, eu mouz still made the difference minimal - 8:7.

The second half was similar to the first one, with ua NAVI taking the lead yet again. 5 more rounds propelled us into the double digits and provided a solid economy for the final push. eu mouz, though, wasn't ready to give up just yet and went on a spree, taking 3 in a row before another round trade. With a built-up economy, we did not have a very hard time taking the trade, as it gave us the desired match point. In the end, ua NAVI defeats eu mouz 16:11, taking the series 2:1.

Overall match stats