MDL Macau

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The last Minor-tournament in 2017 for Natus Vincere G2A — MDL Macao — will be held on 8-10 December in Macau. Nine teams will be fighting for the prize pool of $ 300,000, along with 300 qualifying scores.

The tournament will be held in 2 stages: group stage and single elimination playoff. During the group stage, every team will play 1 best of 1 match against every rival. Only four best teams will advance to the playoff.

The participants of the Minor include many Chinese teams: cn LGD Gaming, cn LGD Forever Young and cn EHOME. The first rival of the Born to Win is the team leaded by cn Yao.

Unfortunately for European fans, the first matches will begin early in the morning due to the time zones — 4:15 CET. Nevertheless, we are sure that some of the most devoted fans of ua Natus Vincere G2A will try to watch the matches!

Natus Vincere G2A
Teams Time (CET) Match Page
8 December:
Natus Vincere G2A10LGD Gaming OVER
Natus Vincere G2A01OG OVER
Natus Vincere G2A01LGD.Forever Young OVER
Natus Vincere G2A10EHOME OVER
9 December:
Natus Vincere G2A OVER
Natus Vincere G2A10TNC Pro Team OVER
Natus Vincere G2A10Infamous OVER
Natus Vincere G2A10VGJ.Storm OVER
10 December:
Natus Vincere G2A02OG OVER

Tournament brackets

Group Stage
Team  Matches   Victories  Losses
euOG 8 6 2 G2A 8 5 3
uaNatus Vincere G2A 8 5 3
phTNC Pro Team 8 5 3
cnEHOME 8 4 4
cnLGD.Forever Young 8 4 4
peInfamous 8 3 5
usVGJ.Storm 8 2 6
cnLGD Gaming 8 2 6
  • Semifinals
  • Grand finals
  • Winner
0 G2A
TNC Pro Team
TNC Pro Team