ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018: Tournament recap

CS2 / News / 29 July 2018 — 19:17

The tournament recap

Unfortunately, on Saturday ua NAVI.GG.BET failed to beat us Team Liquid and completed the run in the tournament in 3-4 places. It only took two maps to identify the semifinals winner. So, a subpar game on defense, as well as in the clutch rounds on the final portion of Dust2 led ua NAVI to defeat with a score of 13:16.

As for the second map, the key episode on Overpass was the lost eco in the 18th round. This failure did not allow our guys to consolidate their economic situation, and also gave the American team the opportunity to finish the match right then and there. As a result, the pick of our team went the way of us Team Liquid (9:16).

Let's recall the group stage games as well. The most interesting moment of both series with eu mouz and se fnatic was that our guys chose Inferno as their pick. In the interview, the players of ua Natus Vincere explained this by the fact that they were confident they'll make it to the playoffs, so they did not want to show their hand and preferred to work on their weaknesses in the group stage games where it was possible to make a mistake and not pay dearly for it.

Thus, both times ua NAVI failed on Inferno, but the impeccable games on Train and Mirage, which were present in both duels of the group stage, but just played in different order, allowed our guys to secure first place in group B. Keeping in mind the results of ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, let's draw some more detailed conclusions.

Problematic Dust2

After the lapse of the previous months, we can confidently state that the updated version of Dust2 is the "Achilles' heel" of ua NAVI. Rivals will certainly use this vulnerability of our guys from time to time.  ua Natus Vincere had a total of 5 matches on Dust2, and all of them were lost. However, it should be noted that most of them ended with a very close score: 13:16, 14:16, 14:16.

Answer №1

Denis "electroNic" Sharipov

"We work very hard. For me, the map is completely new, because I have not played it before. To be honest, I did not really like the Dust2. But now I'm improving on it as a player and I think that if I play it better, then the team will play better, because I have important positions. "

First of all, many of the problems of the Born to Win are associated with subpar defense. For 5 fights, our team has never won when playing defense, and the total winrate of rounds is 47.27%.

Nevertheless, similar difficulties are experienced by many other professional teams, but they level the bad CT-side of the game with an excellent attack. For example, us Liquid, for example, won 70.71% rounds for the terrorists. de BIG is among the strongest teams in the game on Dust 2 (winrate 67.27%).

An important point in the failures of ua NAVI on Dust2 is the failure to use the potential of ua s1mple to the maximum. For the last five matches on Dust2, the best match for Sasha was the recent match: he finished the map with a rating of 1.17 and 21-19 +2 K-D. One has to agree: the best game of ua s1mple usually looks completely different, so ua Zeus, along with ua Kane will have to rework the Dust 2 strategies to better accommodate Sasha's potential during the break.

Crunching the numbers

In this championship, our players didn't have too impressive numbers. At ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier ua s1mple was distinguished by a low number of deaths per round (0.58), as well as the total number of kills with an AWP (65). Regarding ru electroNic, Denis was pretty good at this tournament and ranked fourth in the number of frags with a headshot per round (.41), and also made it to the top five with 85 average damage per round.

Player Rating 2.0 K-D difference Damage/round Headshot %
S1mple 1.19 +37 81.6 38.9
ruelectroNic 1.17 +19 85.0 55.3
ruFlamie 1.07 +9 73.5 49.7
Edward 0.99 -3 71.4 52.1
Zeus 0.94 -28 69.2 51.6

At ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier ua NAVI won 11 pistol rounds out of 16 (winrate 68.75%). It is notable the guys showed themselves well in terms of teamwork: they took the second place by rounds won in 5v4 (73.4%), took the third place by 4v5 rounds (29.5%), and also shared the second place with dk Astralis for frag trades (21.8%).

In the near future ua NAVI players will have a two-week vacation, after which our guys will come together again and begin preparations for the second part of the season. The next tournament for the squad will be DreamHack Masters Stockholm, which will be held from August 29 to September 2.


1 place: dk Astralis — $ 500 000
2 place: us Team Liquid — $ 200 000
3-4 places: ua NAVI.GG.BET, eu mousesports — $ 80 000 each
5-6 places: br MIBR, se fnatic — $ 40 000 each
7-8 places: eu FaZe Clan, us Cloud9 — $ 30 000 each