HyperX launches new RGB memory module

News / 30 July 2018 — 12:21

Predator DDR4 RGB – dazzling performance in RGB style

The new memory combines aggressive performance and really impressive RGB-lighting. To create these unique visual effects guys from HyperX have designed an innovative technology, HyperX Infrared Sync, which allows to synchronise lighting of several memory modules without any cables. Fierce black heat spreader makes it look even more splendid.

Though, of course, beauty isn’t the only advantage of the new . Behind its stylish appearance, you’ll find wild power and incredible speeds, so it’s clear why it is named a predator. This memory module will help you speed up your computer. Thanks to Predator DDR4 RGB’s CL15 latency and speeds up to 2933MHz, you can boost your frame rate, keep your streams smooth and power through your highlight reel rendering.

If you add Predator DDR4 RGB to other HyperX devices in RGB style, you will get a unique and vivid gaming space. Like the new memory module, HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard and HyperX Pulsefire Surge mouse allow you to customize visual effects and, of course, forearm you with the ultimate top-notch technology for winning your gaming battles.

Predator DDR4 RGB’s features

Dynamic RGB-effects
The stunning lighting is one of the main features. You can easily customize visual effects with motherboard RGB control software.

HyperX Infrared Sync
This patent-pending technology allows you to create unique lighting effects by synchronizing several memory modules without cables.

Aluminium heat spreader
The stylish black heat spreader ensures that the memory module stays cool even at the hottest moments of the game. Also, it makes it look cool as well.

Dazzling performance
High speed, low latency DDR4 performance will provide a powerful boost, so just explore the new opportunities.

Intel XMP-ready profiles  
All you need to do is to choose a profile, as they are already optimized for Intel’s latest platforms.

Lifetime warranty
All modules are 100-percent factory tested and come with a lifetime warranty, which means you can expect an ultimate reliability. This predator will stay in the game for long.

HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB memory is available in 8GB singles and kits of 2 or 4 with 16GB–32GB capacities. !