Global Loot League Season 2 Preview

PUBG / News / 10 August 2018 — 08:00

GLL Season 2 details

ru NAVI.GG.BET's PUBG lineup will take on another challenge this summer – our boys have already arrived in Sweden, where Global Loot League S2 finals will take place, and they can't wait to start playing! With some more hours left until the matches begin, you can check out our preview for more details!


As all our fans know, we have a very special history with the GLL tournament series. The main event for the first iteration of this league was held in Romania, in April 2018 and was the first performance of our new roster, which was formed from the ex-GRUBIE players. The boys had an amazing debut, starting their cooperation with the tag off on the right foot as they took home the big trophy.

We were the only team representing CIS at , and it made the victory taste even sweeter. This time, the strongest teams from Europe and North America will have a chance to enact revenge, while our boys will be looking to defend their title.

Road to LAN Finals

With the second season of GLL coming up, the black and gold five joined the qualification fights over the spots in the main event. The qualifier lasted six weeks and had three spots allocated to our region on the line. The format featured two divisions, Alpha and Bravo.

The distribution of teams was updated weekly based on the results of the previous week, with the best teams of the lower division being promoted to Alpha and the worst teams of the higher division dropping to Bravo. Because of the difference in point distribution between Alpha and Bravo, no team was willing to risk their position and drop out of the fight for the Stockholm trip.

Amid such a tough competition, even the leading teams of the region were prone to mistakes, but NAVI avoided this fate proving yet again that they truly are formidable opponents to be taken seriously. Fast-forward to 24 matches later, we firmly secured the first position in the standings, guaranteeing ourselves a place in the Global Loot League second season.

GLL Season 2 Details

The qualifier is already behind us, but the next milestone will be even more difficult to reach, with a total of 15 teams from Europe, the US and CIS qualifiers participating. All contenders have already proved their worth and are 100% ready to fight.

The competition will take place in Stockholm at the Nobelberget event arena. The matches will be held on August 10-12, with a total of 18 games played (6 games per day). The maps will be Erangel and Miramar. Each win will guarantee extra $ 500 in addition to the sum won.

List of participants

Although Global Loot League Season 2 will be less stacked than the recent , the list of participants is still very impressive. eu FaZe Clan, who missed the first PUBG major, will be joining the fray this time. There's no doubt that they haven't been wasting time these past few months, preparing to get their revenge in Sweden and prove that PGI failure was only an incidental occurrence.

eu Team Liquid, runners-up in both TPP and FPP modes of PGI 2018, are also looking to get the most out of this event. Despite their successful showings, it was announced that the team will go through roster changes after GLL S2. Although it proves that the atmosphere in the team is far from favorable, their confident performance in Berlin can't be overlooked.

eu Pittsburgh Knights, us Ghost Gaming and us Team Gates also deserve to be mentioned, as those are the teams with an extensive experience.  it MOONWOLF and tr Griffins have been noted for their great shooting in qualifiers, but it won't be easy to keep at that level throughout an actual competition. The rest of the squads are not as well-known to the public but also shouldn't be underestimated. With $ 100,000 up for grabs, GLL Season 2 is sure to be a cut-throat competition, and only time will tell which team will be crowned as champions.


eu Pittsburgh Knights
eu FaZe Clan
fr Team Vitality
eu Team Liquid
de PENTA Sports
de Tollenz Lions
us Team Totality
us Wildcard Gaming
us Team Gates
us SetToDestroyX
us Team Dignitas
us Ghost Gaming
tr Griffins
ru M19

We will be looking to show our best game and make our fans proud, so tune in to support us! #gonavi