GLL Season 2: Tournament results

PUBG / News / 13 August 2018 — 06:45

GLL Season 2 results

The fights at Global Loot League Season 2 came to an end, after three intense days. In this article, you'll find out the results of ru NAVI.GG.BET and the final distribution of the prize fund.

In Sweden, sixteen teams fought for $ 100,000: ru M19 celebrated the triumph, and "yellow-black" settled on the 7th line of the standings. Our team received $3000 for the placement and $500 for a match victory - a grand total of $3500.

GLL Season 2
Place Team Frags Frag points Survival points Total
1  ru M19 62 620 2740 3360
2  eu Pittsburgh Knights 66 660 2670 3330
3  eu FaZe Clan 77 770 2310 3080
4  us Wildcard Gaming 82 820 2190 3010
5  eu Team Liquid 87 870 2100 2970
6  de PENTA Sports 72 720 2190 2910
7  ru NAVI.GG.BET 79 790 2110 2900
8  us Team Dignitas 82 820 2030 2850
9  us Ghost Gaming 69 690 2140 2830
10  de Tollenz Lions 58 580 1780 2360
11  fr Team Vitality 56 560 1580 2140
12  it MOONWOLF 64 640 1390 2030
13  us Nova 57 570 1450 2020
14  us SetToDestroyX  56 560 1400 1960
15  us Team Gates 37 370 1220 1590
16  tr SANGAL E-SPORTS 31 310 760 1070

As noted before, throughout the championship Born to Win were among the leaders: the first game day saw the guys finish in fourth place, while the next game day bumped us up to the second line.

Unfortunately, the decisive matches did not quite go our way. In the final fights, the competition was incredibly tough, and the tension was palpable. Each of the rivals did their best, and the victory went to worthy participants.

Despite the fact that ru NAVI players didn't manage to defend the title of champions claimed at Global Loot League Season 1, the individual skill of our players did not go unnoticed. Among the best players of the championship were ru Ivan "ubah" Kapustin and ru Vadim "POKAMOLODOY" Ulshin. Ivan once again justified his title as a sharpshooter: he dealt 5,777 damage, which was the fourth best in the tournament, and captain of ru Natus Vincere traveled more than 41,000 meters and was among the "top runners" of GLL Season 2.

 Alexey "yXo" Maletskiy
RuHub analyst and caster

"The tournament was very compact and cozy, passed almost without delays and technical problems. There were some minor problems with the broadcasts, unfortunately. but it seems to me that they did not affect the quality of the whole event. It was fun and very interesting, especially given the tournament was held outside the CIS region. For me, it was a new level. "

- At GLL S2, [:ru:] NAVI did not show the result that was expected of them. As a person who watched and analyzed all 18 matches, tell me, what went wrong, in your opinion?

- It is difficult to describe in a nutshell what went wrong. In general, they didn't give it their all: sometimes very strange things happened, but I do not consider myself competent enough to give advice to guys. I'm sure the correct conclusions will be drawn.

- What do you think the guys need to do in order to return to the former form?

- It seems to me that universal advice can be given to all. Watch your games, improve rotation and moves on the map, move a bit wider and add aggression to your game. Competitive PUBG will only progress, the game will be more demanding, the ability to act aggressively will be very valuable. You need to keep your hand on the pulse.

- The first place was taken by the team that scored just 62 frags. Is it true that now the passive style of the game is more effective than aggression?

- Actually, it just happened to be so. In the last round, there were 7 contenders for the victory, everything could have turned out differently, but this does not cancel the fact that the style of the game that the team ru M19 has chosen is bringing the result. This is cool, this is a chance for underdogs and teams that are weaker.

- In general, do you think point system for frags and survival is fair?

- Yes, I like the scoring system here, but I think that still, points for the knockouts should be added. As I like to say: "There is no limit to perfection."

- In your opinion, is it likely that the SL teams will follow the example of ru M19 and give up the heated skirmishes, focusing on survival?

- I do not think that most teams will try to "copy" this style of play, but in any case, a deep analysis will be conducted. Perhaps someone will adopt a similar strategy.

Despite the fact that the players of ru NAVI didn't manage to defend the title of Global Loot League Season 1 champions, very soon they will have the opportunity to test their strength in the third regular season of the league. We are sure that the guys will thoroughly prepare for this challenge and take revenge! #gonavi