Dota 2 Short Film Contest 2018: best

Dota 2 / News / 13 August 2018 — 15:02

The author of the best video will take $25,000!

There are many interesting videos created specifically for the annual Dota 2 Short Film Contest. Here is a compilation of the most popular works that have already gathered quite a lot of fans.

As a reminder, the winner of the contest will be determined by the results of the audience voting: his work will be shown at The International 2018; in addition, there is also a substantial monetary prize. So, the participants who will take places from the fourth to the tenth will earn $ 500, the bronze medalist - $ 5,000, the silver prize - $ 10,000, and the triumphant will receive $ 25 000. A video should last no more than 90 seconds.

You can vote for the video you like on the !


The topic of behavior is, perhaps, one of the hottest issues not only in Dota 2 but in various other online games. It is not surprising some authors try to explore it.

Greed is Good?

It doesn't get much worse than choosing the Bounty rune over saving a teammate. Is it always good, though?

Ursa Minor

A touching story which could well be taken a basis for a full-fledged movie. The story of Lone Druid and his faithful bear would hardly leave anyone indifferent.

The Ballad of Lovelace

Dota 2 heroes are no strangers to love. Notably, the role of a lovelace is taken by somebody who is a rather funny choice for the role. Regardless (no spoilers!) watch this until the end!

Kobold Blues

Life's easier when you find a soulmate. Even if it is a neutral creep.

The Final 88 Seconds Of An 8-Hour Game

A great funny short about the games that go just a tad bit too long. Memes and all the features of such games - check!


Another humorous video! Notably, there is a plenty of quality work posted this year.

On The Cliff

Many heroes ended up on the cliffs - both in pro and pub games. Why not talk about that?

Wiles of the Wisp

The winner of the previous years has submitted yet another stunning video, especially in terms of animation. Is the victory in the bag for him?

Meet The Void

Is Faceless Void the strongest hero thanks to his ability to stop time? Judging by this video, that's a yes!


A quality work, telling the story of the grand confrontation between Ice and Fire. Starring Ancient Apparition and Phoenix.

Knight Trek

Another fun video, with Sven being the main star. Great plot and good execution!

Enchanted Roshan BUG

Bugs have always been around in Dota 2, ever since the beginning. That is why the creators of this video decided to focus on the topic.

It's a disastah!

Chat wheel with the casters is, perhaps, one of the most popular features. Lakad Matataaaag! Normalin, normalin.


Not only does the contest features 3D-animation, but also some other types. Among them is a fully drawn clip by a famous channel dopatwo.

Blue Girl

Anime and Dota 2 - can't go wrong, right?


A stunning video, which had to be truncated quite a bit to fit the regulations. The creators did a stunning job telling the story of the Vengeful Spirit.


SirActionSlacks, one of TI hosts, has also posted his take on the topic. He did not submit his videos, since they exceed the time limit, but nonetheless, they are, as ever, worth watching!

Don't forget to vote for the submissions you liked, but remember, there are numerous other videos in the Workshop which, no doubt, will find their fans. Tell us in the comments - which one did you like the most?