Test: What do you know about NAVI.CS:GO in 2018?

CS2 / News / 15 August 2018 — 06:35

Test your knowledge!

The break in the professional CS:GO scene is coming to its end and soon the battles for the championship titles will burst with renewed vigor! At the same time, in the near future the players of ua Natus Vincere will also return to training and will begin preparations for their next championship — DreamHack Masters Stockholm.

While the world stage is still quiet, we would like to test your knowledge of the events that happened to ua NAVI in 2018. You’re going to see the questions about the most and the least frequent map of our team, the number of LAN tournaments visited and many other questions about the performance of ua NAVI in the past season. Let's check what you know about ua Natus Vincere in 2018!