The best clutches of the first half of 2018

CS2 / News / 15 August 2018 — 12:38

Some of the best moments!

Here's a selection of the brightest clutches with the participation of ua NAVI.GG.BET players in the past season. For the first half of the year, our guys had a lot of close calls, so you definitely will have something to watch! Enjoy the videos!

let's start with two clutches by ru electroNic. They took place in a game against us Team Liquid during the group stage of ELEAGUE Boston Major: Denis managed to take 2 important points for the team, first taking a 1v2, and then 1v3 situation.

A famous clutch by ua s1mple. It happened on Train — the third, deciding map against eu FaZe Clan — Sasha remained alone and played the situation perfectly, earning a crucial round for the team and destroying the opponent's economy.

Another incredible clutch from the same series, yet a map earlier. The first half of Overpass went the way of the Born to Win, but the opponents were close to taking the pistols and practically nullifying the advantage of our team. Fortunately, ua s1mple came to the rescue, didn't allowing the disaster to strike!

Nonetheless, it is not only the individual skill of the guys. Do you think it's impossible to retake 2v5? ua S1mple and ru electroNic disagree!

On the final map of the match for the first place in Group C at the tournament in Marseille, ua NAVI were catching up from behind, and for a long time could not find a way to overcome the defense of the Swedish team. In the 7th round, ua s1mple took the game into its own hands and got the first point for the Born to Win, which allowed the team to make a comeback and complete the half with a score of 7:8.

Often, the captain of the Born To Win is criticized for his shooting, but due to invaluable experience and understanding of different kinds of situations, ua Zeus would be able to clutch ut a round. One of these episodes occurred in a match against eu FaZe Clan at ESL Pro League S7: patience and competent use of grenades allowed Danya to emerge victorious from a 1v2 round.

 ru electroNic pulled off an incredible clutch in Dallas, he was seemingly in a dead end, surrounded by the opponents, but by some miracle, he managed to take the round!

Another perfect clutch round by ua s1mple! It happened during CS:GO Asia Championships in the match for the exit to the playoffs.

Same match, similar situation, but on different sides, during what turned out to be the concluding round!

The semifinals of ESL One Cologne 2018 against dk Astralis on Inferno saw ua Danylo «Zeus» Teslenko put up one of his best shows in 2018, зfinishing the game with 1,50 rating and 31–18 K-D. Here's one of the highlights!

The final battle with de BIG saw the main firepower of Born to Win stepping up — ua s1mple and ru electroNic.

 ua Edward wasn't shy either, outplaying gb smooya and detiziaN.

Despite the loss agaist us Liquid in Atlanta, ru flamie managed to pull off a clutch as well, allowing our squad to finish the first half of the map with 6:9.

Which clutches by ua Natus Vincere players were the most remarkable ones for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Hopefully, the new season will bring more plays and more clutches executed by ua NAVI! #gonavi