An interview: ubah for

PUBG / News / 16 August 2018 — 14:55

Most recently, in Berlin, the first PUBG , where the best teams from all over the world played for $ 2,000,000. Upon returning from Germany ru Ivan «ubah»Kapustin gave an interview to the portal and shared his thoughts on the performance of ru NAVI.GG.BET at the championship, the problems of the competitive PUBG, and also talked about the training process and tactical preparation for the tournaments.

- Are you unhappy with your result in Berlin?

Of course not. We were only after the victory. Everything below the first place is not very good for me.

What influenced your final result? The fact that you played with a sub, surprises in the course of the tournament, not enough training?

I think, all together. And the fact that we played with the sub took its toll, it's somewhat disruptive for the team. There weren't problems with the training procces, except that little time was given to TPP.

Why was that so?

It's a matter of mechanics, it's different. You do not remember how you played before. It is necessary to get used in a new way to different nuances like a wall: you can spy what's behind without moving, for example. The game is different.

Do you think that you were not lucky at the tournament?

I think that we made a lot of mistakes: we had circles that we had to win, and therefore we are now where we are.

In one of the videos on your channel, it was said that the practices in PUBG are rather peculiar. Can you tell us more about this? Especially, given that you have experience of training in Dota 2.

Firstly, we have a scrim conference where all top teams sit and train usually five games a day before the tournament. Of course, no one wanted to practice the TPP, except for teams that went to Berlin. I can not highlight distinctions compared to Dota: you train, play, watch replays and find mistakes, in order to prevent them from appearing again.

How is your tactical preparation going? Do you talk through who goes where, if suddenly the circle forms in a certain way, or does all this happen impromptu during the game itself?

- Mostly this happens already in the game itself. We see how the circle forms and what position is better to occupy, but since this is all chance, there is no point in discussing the actions further than one step.

Is it an imbalance in the competitive environment? After all, how can you compete in a game where you're never ready till the last moment?

You can be ready. If you better adapt to the circles, you will make the right decisions in taking positions, then you will win in the long run. For this purpose, 16-20 games are played so that the teams have more options for making decisions and the right to make mistakes. Whoever makes more correct decisions wins. Sometimes it can happen that the team sits in a circle so many times in a row, but when you win in a game where you were constantly in motion - the feelings are over the top.

What is professional scene in PUBG missing?

It’s a good question. More feedback from the developers, more attention towards the players. They need to focus on optimization, adding quality death match for training would be nice.