Top-3 matches of TI Day 3 by Crystallize

Dota 2 / News / 17 August 2018 — 14:41

The most intriguing games of Day 3!

The group stage of The International 2018 reached a culmination: with each match, the degree of tension rises, and players, with a redoubled zeal, seek to take much needed victories, because in fact, there is almost no right to make a mistake.

Game streams are running on four channels simultaneously, and it's simply impossible to cover everything. In order not to miss the most important and spectacular battles, we turned ua NAVI.GG.BET carry playerua Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek. We will tell you which matches are worth your time this evening.

ua Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek
Player of Natus Vincere


cn PSG.LGD against eu Fnatic

The encounter of the two giants of the Asian scene is certainly worthy of audience's attention. In Canada eu Fnatic pleasantly surprise the experts with a confident game and defend the title of the best team of South-East Asia, ahead of their compatriots from my Mineski and ph TNC Predator in terms of points. The guys shared the points with eu Team Liquid, cn Invictus Gaming, my Mineski and defeated cn VGJ.Thunder. Undoubtedly, in the battles with cn PSG.LGD and us Evil Geniuses they, too, should hold themselves well.

The Chinese team, however, needs the victory in this series even more than the opponents. The main contender for the Aegis, having 5 won and 5 lost games, is in a precarious position and runs a risk of not making it to the upper bracket of the playoffs. In other words, cn PSG.LGD can't let themselves take another defeat! Another argument in favor of the match: you can watch it with ua NAVI ua player Ilya "Lil" Ilyuk as a caster on the third channel of the Russian broadcast.

cn Newbee vs. us VGJ.Storm

ua Crystallize thinks cn Newbee and us VGJ.Storm will have to play a very important game today. The Chinese team will fight to make it to the upper bracket of the playoffs, and us VGJ.Storm, in turn, pursues a more ambitious goal. The representative of the American region has high chances to take the first place in group B and, accordingly, to deny the opportunity to ru

The advantage of the leaders of the group stage is obvious, therefore both participants will certainly be 100% ready to go all-in. We are sure, even later, the time of the beginning of the match should not prevent spectators from enjoying a beautiful game and high-quality analytics from the casters.

us Evil Geniuses vs. eu Team Liquid

If there's someone who's gotten into shape and isn't planning to give it up any time soon, it's "evil geniuses" Watch the renewed roster of Evil Geniuses in Vancouver is a complete pleasure: cn VGJ.Thunder, my Mineski and eu OG all yielded to them. Even cn PSG.LGD didn't manage to deliver significant inconveniences to the leader of the group! The only failure of us EG at the moment is a tie in a series against cn Invictus Gaming.

"Evil geniuses" practically do not leave a chance for success to opponents, but eu Team Liquidhas the firepower to strike a blow. Who, if not them, will stop pk Suma1L and company? Certainly, this pair will show an incredibly high level of preparation and each member of the audience will have something to learn.

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