Trove Carafe 2018 has been released!

Dota 2 / News / 19 August 2018 — 11:56

New chest is live!

Valve has recently released Trove Carafe - a new chest with some great Immortal items. Let's take a closer look!

In addition to just cosmetic things, Huskar got his base model reworked, becoming a lot more vicious. By the way, alongside the remodel, he also got an Immortal in the new chest. During the purchase, you can support your favorite talent by buying an autographed version.

Also, Valve reported there will be chests for the spectators at the Rogers Arena, who came to see The International 2018 directly. They can be obtained at random during the first blood. The main condition is that the badge must be linked to the Steam account.

New Immortal items


Ogre Magi






Storm Spirit

Rare — Windranger

Very rare — Storm Spirit

Ultra rare — Mirana