TI 2018: Crystallize predictions

Dota 2 / News / 20 August 2018 — 18:03

Predictions by Crystallize

Group stage of gave spectators a lot of spectacular fights, but in the playoffs of the tournament, we are expecting even more vivid and fierce fights. Now every mistake can turn out to be fatal, and the title of a champion is on the line. Pending the first matches of the main stage, we talked with the carry of ua NAVI.GG.BET and asked about his opinion regarding the outcome of the upcoming fights. Forecasts of ua Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek - in our material.

ua Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek
Player of Natus Vincere


eu Team Liquid [2: 0] us OpTic Gaming

The playoffs of the international championship will open the match of the current world champions and the team under the leadership of us ppd. From ua Crystallize point of view, the victory with the score 2: 0 will be taken by the European team, as the players of eu Team Liquid They outperform their rivals and are able to beat them. In addition, the "horsemen" will try not to disclose the secret strategies for The International 2018.

cn PSG.LGD [2: 1] ru

In this confrontation, truly worthy opponents will come together, who have equal potential. In the group stage, "bears", however, did not show an impressive level of play - perhaps this was their task precisely. The Chinese five, too, was not very confident, but still Vlad is inclined to give preference to cn PSG.LGD. It is unlikely that someone will be able to win with a crushing score, so ua Crystallize suggests a total of 2:1 in favor of the team from China.

eu Fnatic [1: 0] cn Team Serenity

Representatives of South-East Asia and China will compete in the lower bracket for survival. According to the carry of the Born To Win, at times cn Team Serenity is by no means inferior in skill to the grandees of the world stage, but sometimes loses to opponents at the draft. Actually, this is why ua Crystallize is banking on eu Fnatic in this Bo1.

ph TNC Predator [1: 0] my Mineski

Vladislav is sure: the Asian derby also promises to be quite interesting. Teams from the same region will clearly do their best to claim the desired victory. It's no secret that ph TNC Predator and my Mineski are about the same level, so the fundamental importance in this case is the draft, which must be very solid.

cn Newbee [1: 0] ru Winstrike Team

As much as it would be desirable to Russian-speaking viewers to see ru Winstrike Team triumph, when paired with cn Newbee,this team looks like an outsider. After the passage into the playoffs ua Iceberg and the company is certainly inspired by the accomplishments, but there is such a feeling that the team does not fully understand the met. In this regard, the Chinese team has some advantage.

cn VGJ.Thunder [0: 1] cn Vici Gaming

It is hard to tell the chances of cn Vici Gaming, however, the group stage of The International 2018 allows us to draw a number of conclusions. For example, cn Vici Gaming took a bad start, but with each day they kept regaining the form, and cn VGJ.Thunder, throughout the whole group stage, didn't shine too bright against other teams. In the battle with cn Vici Gaming, cn rOtK and the teammates are not going to have an easy run.

The full schedule of the first day of the playoffs