Crystallize`s predictions for TI8 Playoffs Day 3

Dota 2 / News / 22 August 2018 — 14:53

Who do you predict to win?

The International 2018 playoffs are in full swing, with intense battles, awe-inspiring atmosphere and a ton of exciting Dota 2 action from participating teams. We caught up with our carry player ua Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek to speak about his predictions and intuitions on how today's games will pan out.

ua Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek
Natus Vincere player


cn PSG.LGD [2:1] eu Team Liquid

Day 3 opens up with a highly anticipated match which no Dota 2 fan can afford to miss. China's strongest team will go up against eu Team Liquid, the reigning world champions, set and ready to do all it takes to avoid falling into the lower bracket. Vladislav considers both of these teams the best in the world and expects to see them in the grand final. The match is sure to be an extremely intense one and will depend highly on picks. ua Crystallize predicts cn PSG.LGD to come out on top.

eu OG [0:2] us Evil Geniuses

The outcome of the battle between eu OG and us Evil Geniuses is also hard to predict. EG's recent successful showings give hope as to the potential of the team; Vlad notes that they have been demonstrating lots of great plays and good drafting decisions lately. OG, on the other hand, haven't been at the top of their form – despite the fact that they won yesterday against us VGJ.Storm, they weren't looking too confident in that game, and us EG are looking like a far more complicated opponent.

us VGJ.Storm [2:1] ru Winstrike Team

In their last game against OG, us VGJ.Storm weren't able to unlock their true potential, making a handful of mistakes which cost them the place in the upper bracket of The International 2018. However, Crystallize has no doubt that the boys will do better this time. Their opponents from ru Winstrike Team, in turn, were able to beat cn Newbee in a difficult bo1 elimination match but overall have lower chances of surviving against experienced opponents.

eu Team Secret [2:1] cn Vici Gaming

eu Team Secret could not achieve the expected results in the group stage, as they were constantly struggling with the choice of heroes, but the recent games saw them improve significantly. The guys made ee Puppey's drafts work against EG – and that is enough to bring hope that they will be able to win against the Chinese opponents. In the meantime, cn Vici Gaming have appeared against the competition's outsiders, so it's rather difficult to say in what form they are.

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