MDL Macau: defeated by OG

Dota 2 / News / 8 December 2017 — 08:57

A close battle, but it slipped away.

The next series of uaNatus Vincere G2A at MDL Macau was against euOG, and the Bo1 turned in the favor of euOG, with the game seeing lots of twists and turns.

game 1 - Natus vincere G2A [0:1] OG

Picks and bans

Natus Vincere G2A
  • SoNNeikO
  • RodjER
  • Crystallize
  • Dendi
  • GeneRaL

  • fly
  • JerAx
  • s4
  • N0tail
  • Resolut1on

The game was a rather fast-paced one, as it saw both teams trade some kills at the beginning, and the subsequent aggression coming in from both sides got the teams some more kills. All in all, by 10 minutes we had some crucial kills for ourselves, and the score was 7:7 - an even beginning, with the net worth advantage tipped towards us ever so slightly.

14 minutes in we had a slight edge over the opponent, and decided to solidify it by getting the Aegis - uncontested, uaNAVI slain Roshan, with the Aegis going to Weaver. As the game moved on, though, a couple of fights turned the game around, as Morphling got to the top of the net worth chart, making the game that much harder. 25 minutes in, after a crucial pickoff on Tinker, euOG went for their own Rosh, the Aegis going to Morphling. As the timer hit 30, we found ourselves 9k gold behind the opponent.

A kill by Tinker, who claimed the life on enemy Morphling, allowed uaNAVI to reset the situation a little bit, and even deal some damage to the objectives on the high ground. euOG, though, went for thу third Roshan of the game, Aegis for Morph again. 40 minutes in the first T3 of the game was taken down, forcing out 2 buybacks from uaNAVI. As the siege continued, with all the crucial ultimates up for both teams, euOG turned out to be stronger, as we could not defend out base despite the best attempt - the game goes to [:eu:]OG.