DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018: starting with a defeat

CS2 / News / 29 August 2018 — 11:20

A tough Dust2 match

The opening game of DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 saw ua NAVI.GG.BET fight in a Bo1 against a Canadian team ca Ghost Gaming. The game was a tough one, going into the overtime, but ua NAVI didn't manage to find the final play on the dust, dropping the series.

de_dust2 - Natus vincere [17:19] Ghost Gaming

The match took place on Dust2, becoming an actual test of strength for our guys. The pistol round went ua NAVI way, but the opponents forced the issue and took the following 3 rounds, taking a good lead. Still, the first buy round saw the Terrorists bounce right back, with a 3-round streak of our own to equalize the score and break ahead.

Only after 4 rounds did ca Ghost manage to pick up a defuse, yet the next round saw ua NAVI take down 4 before planting the bomb. A limited buy round from the CTs worked quite well, allowing them to buy 2 AWPs and eventually tie the game 6:6. Despite a rather tough situation, ua NAVI was able to get to 8 points very fast, winning the first half at 9:6.

The second half saw a 2v3 ending, as ua Zeus and ua electronic - a double peek by the opponent secured them the pistols. ca Ghost went on a streak, tying the game at 9:9. We managed to offset it by a streak of our own, but a round trade coming in saw us come very close to losing our economy altogether.

We had a noticeable trouble dealing with the B bombsite, so the opponent capitalized on that, driving the score back their favor - 13:14. ua NAVI dropped another round, and ca Ghost hit their first match point. ua Edward came online massively, claiming a 4k, allowing us to keep the chances of making it to the overtime.

The opening round of the overtime saw ca Ghost take a very aggressive approach towards the game, and the aggression allowed them to take 2 in a row. For the last round of the half, ua NAVI managed to contain the aggression and claim 1 round, with the score 16:17. The second half, though, was not as good for us, as we only claimed 1. That was enough for the opponents to stall the final round just enough to take the victory in the match - 19:17.