DreamHack Masters Stockholm: victory vs NRG

CS2 / News / 29 August 2018 — 17:02

We advance forth!

ua NAVI.GG.BET played an elimination match at DreamHack Masters Stockholm, fighting against us NRG in a bo3. The games were very intense, but ultimately, ua NAVI proved their strength, and earn the right to advance into the tournament!

Inferno - Natus Vincere [0:1] NRG

The first game started off quite well for ua NAVI, as we claimed the pistols round and the next one. However, us NRG got on board with a 3-round streak, taking a slight lead. ua NAVI equalized the score - 3:3, but that was it for the first half. Despite our best attempts, the opponent seemed to have found a good spot, as they started picking up round after round.

Eventually, they hit 8 points, while we were sitting on 3 still. Even the max loss bonus didn't salvage the situation, as the first half of Inferno ended with a 3:12 on the scoreboard.

The second half started a lot better than the first, as we held on to the streak, taking 3 rounds before us NRG came up online during the gun round. Even if we had a lot of money, any round dropped drove the opponent closer to the finish line. We tried to avoid any costly mistakes and play a secure game.

Another 3-round streak was interrupted with an us NRG round after a tactical pause. Even if ua NAVI had all the money to try out a different strategy, the opponent managed to secure a map point. The game was becoming very intense, as 1 mistake would mean the end of the first game. We broke into the double digits, but even that wasn't enough. Ultimately, a good opening by us NRG secured them the game - 16:12.

Overpass - Natus Vincere [1:1] NRG

The second map, Overpass, started with us NRG taking the first pistol round, and they capitalized on it to claim a 3:0 lead. The buy round saw ua NAVI come online on the scoreboard, yet the following round reset us, despite a great performance by ua s1mple. us NRG were advancing quite steadily, but so were ua NAVI, with the rounds trades happening all the time. Early advantage helped us NRG quite well, yet towards the end of the half, we managed to win some rounds in a row, but the opponent overwhelmed us - ua NAVI lost the first half 7:8.

Despite that, the second half seemed to give ua NAVI a power boost, as we took the pistols round right away. As the round went on, us NRG tried to contest us, but without success. Eventually, our lead went all the way to 12:8. The opponent, though, had a response, as they took 2 rounds to cover some of their disadvantage. Still, ua NAVI were keen on making it to map 3, and it was evident from the game. us NRG only grabbed 1 round with a clutch defuse, and it didn't take us long to close off the game 2. The fate will be decided on Train!

Train - Natus Vincere [2:1] NRG

The final game of the series started off on a positive note for ua NAVI, as the pistol and the subsequent 2 went our way. The buy round was taken by the opponent yet again, and it didn't take us NRG long to tie the score 3:3, and even break ahead 5:3. Another streak by ua NAVI strengthened our economy and allowed us to bounce back onto the mapб but we didn't manage to solidify the advantage. The final round saw ua Edward pull off a great 4k to give us the first half 8:7.

The second half wasn't as benevolent to ua NAVI as the first. us NRG claimed the advantage at the beginning of the round, and we had quite a lot of work to do. The task wasn't too challenging for us, as the scoreline had been quickly equalized - 10:10. The pressure was quickly increasing, as our lead was steadily growing.

The rounds were close on both sides, but ua NAVI players were able to pull off some great shots. us NRG were still fighting back like ever, but their resistance wasn't anywhere near enough. The match point was claimed very soon - 15:11; even if we didn't claim the map right away, we chose to play it safe and take it a round later - 16:12. We make it further into the tournament!


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