NAVI.Paladins: A year-long journey

News / 1 September 2018 — 15:48

NAVI.Paladins is one year old

eu NAVI.GG.BET Paladins team is exactly one year old today. It's time to remember all the successes of our team in this discipline!

The first thing is to tell about the beginning of Paladins Premier League: company Hi-Rez Studios, which is developing the game Paladins, announced the creation of a league with the participation of various professional organizations. The league covered two game regions — North America and Europe. The best teams participating in these competitions, as a result, had to fight in the LAN-part of the championship.

Concerning eu Natus Vincere, the list of team members was announced one week after the announcement of Paladins Premier League - September 7th. So, eu WASD Sports team members were invited to join the Born to Win: nl Kai "Faenex" van Duppen, fi Kari "Mutu" Parviainen, ee Kevin "Unbelivable" Rahu, pl Pawel "Creativs2Majszyk and fi Teemu "spunkki" Tenhunen. The manager was by Yaroslav Klochko, known for his work with our League of Legends roster.

Autumn Split of Paladins Premier League, which was a debut for our guys, was somewhat crumpled: the team took third place in the regular season, falling behind eu Ninjas in Pyjamas and eu Fnatic. Nevertheless, the result was enough to go to the LAN championship.

This part of the tournament was held in Atlanta at "Hi-Rez Studios Arena". Simultaneously with the LAN-part of Paladins Premier League Fall Split our guys had to play in the qualifying matches of the Paladins World Championship 2018.

As a result, the autumn split was not the most successful for the "yellow-black": in the first match they lost to eu Ninjas in Pyjamas and dropped out of the competition. However, in the ensuing qualifiers the guys showed themselves in all their glory, winning three rivals, among whom was such a strong team as eu Fnatic. The result guaranteed the slot at the World Cup.

Tournament Paladins World Championship 2018 can safely be called the peak for eu Natus Vincere Paladins team so far. Arriving in early January in Atlanta, the "yellow-black" showed an excellent game, first crushing everyone on their way through the group stage, and then in the playoffs. At the same time in the final match, we defeated one of the strongest representatives of the professional scene - eu Fnatic. Not only that, the score was 0:4! A great victory - and the title of world champions in the hands of eu Natus Vincere!

However,eu NAVI failed to continue to dominate other teams. The spring split, on the one hand, was successful - the team took second place in the regular season, but on the other - not too much, as the guys lost both matches to eu Fnatic, which looked a lot better However, ahead, besides the LAN-part of the spring split, there was one more tournament - Esport Superstars: Paladins.

In early May, the guys went to Las Vegas, where this championship was held. Despite the fact that the competition involved only 6 teams, among them were the eminent eu Fnatic, us G2 Esports, us Team Envy, us SK Gaming and eu Gankstars. Alas, the "yellow-black" did not perform well and took only the 4th place.

This result forced to assume not the most successful outcome of the upcoming LAN-final of Paladins Premier League Spring Split. Suspicions were correct: eu NAVI fought with eu Fnatic, but lost the first fight with a score of 3:4 and left the tournament.

However, these failures faded away, since our team conquered yet another trophy - Paladins Masters Spring 2018. Having won 2 matches in the upper bracket, eu NAVI encountered eu Fnatic and fell to the lower one. However, this only made them hungry for victory: after reaching the grand final, the "yellow-black" took revenge after so many defeats!

But it was necessary to change something - this is how the team reasoned, analyzing the completed tournaments. The change was made: ee Kevin "Unbelivable" Rahu was replaced by a former participant of eu Ninjas in Pyjamas dk Kevin "Laizy" Jensen.

Fresh blood, however, did not help in the summer split of Paladins Premier League: eu Natus Vincere finished the performance on the second line, losing both matches against eu Fnatic. In addition, the LAN part of the championship also ended in defeat during the match with the same opponent, eu Fnatic, with the score 1:4.

In fact, the first year under the eu NAVI ended on a good note: the subsequent tournament - Paladins Summer Finals 2018, was extremely successful for the guys. "Yellow-black" rushed through the upper bracket of the championship, and in the final match beat us Team Envy. By and large: guys are not lucky in the LAN Finals of Paladins Premier League, but they perform great in other tournaments.

To summarize, it is worth saying that in 1 year eu Natus Vincere earned about $ 175,000. A pretty good result for not the most popular esports discipline. We believe that our players will still show a high level and will take as many prizes as possible! #gonavi