NAVI.GG.BET invited to EPICENTER 2018

CS2 / News / 5 September 2018 — 10:10

NAVI to play in Moscow!

EPICENTER 2018 organizers have revealed the first invite, and ua NAVI.GG.BET is the first team invited directly to the event! Later this year, in October, 8 teams will battle it out in Moscow for a chance to claim a trophy and a share of the prize pool. The remaining 3 invites will be announced at later dates.

EPICENTER 2018 will have 4 direct invites and 4 teams coming from the Wild Card. Wild Card will have 5 teams - one invited and 4 coming from the regional qualifiers. The team with the best standing at as of October 19 will receive a ticket to the main event right away, while the remaining 2 will be given to the winners of those qualifiers, who will play double elimination Bo3 games. The whole Wild Card will take place on October 22. The group stage will be conducted between the 22nd and the 25th of October.

The event will take place in "Park Legend" (Former "VTB Ice Palace") on 27-28th of October. The prize fund of the championship is going to be $300,000. We believe ua NAVI has what it takes to be the best team and claim yet another trophy! #gonavi