Paladins Premier League: The first games of fall

News / 6 September 2018 — 10:14

The first game starts at 21:00 CEST

Today, Paladins Premier League fall split will begin for eu NAVI.GG.BET. We have 2 opponents today — eu Fnatic and ru

The summer championship saw those teams claim completely opposite places: eu Fnatic too the first place in the region, winning all the matches, while ru fell to the last, losing all 8. However, it makes little sense to look at the past season, since both teams have surely been preparing for the new coming season.

We are sure, the "yellow-black" will approach the matches just as prepared, as defeating eu Fnatic will be no easy feat and the derby with ru promises to be just as exciting. We believe the guys will achieve the best possible result! #gonavi

Paladins Premier League Fall (BO5)
21:00 CEST
  • Faenex
  • Mutu
  • Laizy
  • Creativs2
  • spunkki

  • Gerrah
  • Thiel
  • isbittener
  • Fisheko
  • Bugzy
Paladins Premier League Fall (BO5)
22:45 CEST
  • MaryJaneeeeee
  • Madaarra
  • eLvenpath
  • madmak
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