FACEIT Major: Draw results

CS2 / News / 10 September 2018 — 10:14

The first opponent - Astralis

The draw for the "New legends" stage of FACEIT Major: London 2018 was finished recently. ua NAVI.GG.BET is going to face off against dk Astralis right off the bat. The match between the teams will be held on September 12 at 20:00 and format is going to be best of 1. As for other interesting pairs, one can note the confrontations of se Ninjas in Pyjamas vs eu mousesports and fr G2 Esports vs eu HellRaisers.

Results of the first round draw:

ua NAVI.GG.BET vs dk Astralis
fr G2 Esports vs eu HellRaisers
us Cloud9 vs ru
Vega Squadron
eu FaZe Clan vs de BIG
eu mousesports vs se Ninjas in Pajamas
br MIBR vs cn TyLoo
ru Winstrike vs us Team Liquid
se fnatic vs us compLexity

The format of the tournament involves two stages of the competition: the group stage ("New Legends") and the playoffs ("New Champions"). In the group stage, as before, the Swiss system with best of 1 will be used up to the fifth round, where the rivals battle it out in a bo3. Teams that have completed the stage "New Legends" with 0-3 score, do not get a slot in "New Challengers" at IEM Katowice 2019.

As for the playoffs, here, as usual, single elimination (all matches - best of 3) will be used. It is also worth noting that from the third round of the group stage onwards, and the first round of the playoffs, the seeding of the teams will be determined using the Buchholz system.

As a reminder, ua NAVI its journey at FACEIT Major: London 2018 from the "New Legends", since at ELEAGUE Boston Major our guys took 3-4 places and thereby guaranteed themselves the status of "Legends". We hope that ua Natus Vincere had a productive bootcamp and will show the championship-worthy game at the Valve tournament! #NAVINATION