FACEIT Major 2018: Chronicles

CS2 / News / 20 September 2018 — 08:27

The most important and long-awaited tournament of this fall gathered the best players of the world stage in the UK. ua NAVI has also set out to conquer the trophy! Deciding matches at FACEIT Major 2018 will be held on September 12-23, and no CS:GO fan should not miss the heated battles. We are happy to help you stay informed about the news and suggest you to follow the course of the competition together!

Information about the matches, exclusive videos, photos by the tournament organizers and personal photos of the "yellow-black" from Instagram, as well as the main updates of social networks - everything is in the chronicle of FACEIT Major 2018. Let's hear it for ua NAVI#NAVINATION

The key matches of the major are getting closer. In the quarterfinals our team will compete with de BiG - the very composition that can surprise and show a high level of the game. Details of the upcoming meeting - , and a small media day backstage - on Twitters of the Born to Win.

We sum up the group stage and invite you to take a look at the statistical data .

While waiting for matches - fresh photos from Instagram and fresh interviews. The story ua of Zeus in ua NAVI, told as a dialogue, was prepared by . Worth your time!The playoffs of the tournament are getting closer, and our team has to show everything that it is capable of! This won't be a walk in the part, because the fight for the title will have the best of the best. 

in battle with se fnatic (16:9), ua NAVI exited to , where the fights will continue on September 20. Also, our guys secured themselves the status of "Legends", and this means that Born to Win will perform at the next Major - IEM Katowice 2019!

While waiting for the match of ua Natus Vincere you can take a look at with ua s1mple, in one of which Sasha of the game against eu FaZe Clan.

Next on the line are guys from se , the confrontation with who will be truly important. The Born to Win will fight not only for a ticket to the playoffs but also for the honor of the whole CIS division. The main boss from the CIS is already coming for the Swedish team!

ua Zeus in anticipation of a new rival.

ua NAVI achieved the second victory in a row at FACEIT Major. This time the Swedish five — se NiP was defeated (16:6 - Train). Thus, our team still has to win another match for the playoffs!

While there is still sometime before the match with se NiP take a look at the interviews with and .

"Yellow-black" do not forget to share photos with the fans from the scene. Subscribe to our players on Instagram in order to stay informed about all the news about the life of the team!

The third game day of the stage "New Legends" will start very soon. Born to Win will fight  se NiP, which also has one victory and one defeat. Analysts and commentators of StarLadder shared their forecasts for the upcoming matches.

An intense , alas, ended in the victory for the Danish team, but our guys showed a good level of preparation and got the incentive to continue to give all 100%. ua Natus Vincere will become eu FaZe Clan - a team consisting of experienced and talented shooters. Players will surely give the viewers a spectacular and vivid match! ua yXo has already shared his opinion.

We're ready. Are you? Raise the shields! #NAVINATION

In the first round, the Born to Win will compete with the team that currently leads the rating. Details of the debut ua Natus Vincere in London - . ua Alexey "yXo" Maletsky has shared his forecasts for the first matches.

While you are in anticipation of the first match of the Born Win at FACEIT Major, here's an interview with the manager of ua NAVI CS:GO team by Eugene «Ug1n» Yerofeyev. He shared his thoughts on the performance of the team in the last season, spoke about event organization and gave useful tips to young players.

The guys had the opportunity to walk along one of the most beautiful capitals, visit the stadium where matches will be played, and tune in to the right way before the start of important fights. Sure, now they are ready - 100%!The organizers of the championship presented the players with gifts to celebrate FACEIT Major 2018: they prepared commemorative medals for the contestants. 

As expected, SLTV analysts suggested their forecasts as well. Do you know what ua Oleksandr "petr1k" Petryk and ua Aleksey "xaoc" Kucherov think about ua Natus Vincere's chances?

The guys are on their way to the UK are ready to show everything in their arsenal!

Also, do not forget that team stickers and graffiti, as well as autographs of players participating in FACEIT Major, are already . Half of the proceeds from the sale will be directed to players and organizations, so each of you has the opportunity to support ua Natus Vincere.

The "yellow-black" will begin their journey on September 12 at 20:00 CEST. At the start of our players have to fight with an extremely dangerous competitor - se Astralis. Detailed information about the seeding of the remaining participants of the tournament is available in the . 

The stage "New Challengers" is completed, and the final list of the contenders for the title has formed. 8 more teams, who made it through the first stage, joined the 8 "Legends". Now each team has a new test of strength - the test of the group stage! 

Mykhailo «Kane» Blagin:
NAVI Coach

"It so happened that there were factors that prevented us from approaching DreamHack in the optimal shape. We are very sorry about this, but we accept this as inevitable. We will learn many useful lessons after Sweden. Our main goal is to be competitive in London, we will give all our strength for this and believe that we will be able to please the fans with a good game. "