MDL Macau: defeated by LGD.FY

Dota 2 / News / 8 December 2017 — 09:00

Another battle is over, more to come!

The next game of uaNatus Vincere G2A at MDL Macau was against another Chinese team cnLGD.FY. The Bo1 went the way of cnLGD.FY.

game 1 - natus Vincere [0:1] lgd.fy

Picks and Bans

Natus Vincere G2A
  • RodjER
  • SoNNeikO
  • Dendi
  • GeneRaL
  • Crystallize

LGD.Forever Young
  • Ahfu
  • Super
  • ddc
  • Monet
  • Inflame

The early game started off with a double kill for Batrider in the top lane. Some more skirmishes happened, and they propelled us further, as 10 minutes in we were sitting at a small advantage, which boosted us nonetheless. We were trying to use the downtime between important enemy ultimates to fight, putting the opponent at a disadvantage.

The mid-game saw the domination continue. The control on the side of uaNAVI was enough to secure almost any kill we would go for, and the enemy cores were struggling to find any space available, while ours were in a very good position, getting the items they needed. To solidify the advantage, uaNAVI went for the Roshan and secured the first Aegis of the game. Everything was going in our favor, yet a couple of pickoffs and unfavorable teamfights negated our advantage, and our lead decreased, while enemy Morphling skyrocketed.

As the enemy cores got some items thanks to those fights, it was now becoming difficult for us to actually win those. There were plenty of disables on the side of cnLGD.FY, and they were using them to their full advantage, as we started to fall behind, and struggled to catch up, as the Dire kept getting more pickoffs. Soon they went for the Aegis and claimed it successfully, as uaNAVI were unable to contest it properly. As time went by, neither team committed heavily, until Morphling destroyed the bottom T3 tower.

The more fights happened, the more dire our situation was becoming. uaNAVI were playing against a very heavy deficit, and the map area available was restricted heavily as well, while cnLGD.FY enjoyed a very good map control. Slowly but surely, we fell behind completely, and when the Dire came for the final push, we were unable to retaliate, and the game went to cn LGD.FY.