FACEIT Major 2018: victory over Ninjas in Pyjamas

CS2 / News / 14 September 2018 — 16:23

A well-deserved win!

ua NAVI.GG.BET played against se NiP at the FACEIT Major 2018 in a Bo1 during the third round. The series finished with 16:6 the way of ua NAVI!

Train - Natus Vincere [16:6] NiP

The game started off with a victory during the pistols - even though s1mple got heavily damaged, se NiP got trapped on the bombsite and destroyed. ua NAVI capitalized on the early round and took 2 more before se NiP got a decent round and came on board. ua NAVI had to save during the next round, as se NiP almost covered the disadvantage. It was not meant to happen, though, as ua NAVI didn't want to let the opponent catch up to them. 2 more rounds solidified the advantage of CTs at 5:2. 

NiP weren't the ones to give up on the game, though, as they went on a streak of their own, with very close rounds. Ultimately, they closed the gap at 6:6, but failed to break ahead yet again. 2 more rounds secured the half for us, as we hit 8:6, and subsequently, won the half 9:6. It was a good first half, but we still had to close the map.

The pistol round of the second half saw ua NAVI break into the double digits territory, and maintain the round series, despite se NiP coming quite close to turning the game around. We kept the lead going, and made it to 15:6 very soon. The last round of the map saw ua NAVI put up a very good show, finally destroying se NiP on Train!