FACEIT Major 2018: victory vs fnatic

CS2 / News / 15 September 2018 — 15:20

NAVI.GG.BET defeats Fnatic

ua NAVI.GG.BET fought with se Fnatic at FACEIT Major round 4, and the Bo1 o Mirage ended with a confident 16:9 our way - we secure the win.

Mirage - Natus Vincere [16:9] Fnatic

The game started off with the intense trades right away: Fnatic took the pistols and the next one, while ua NAVI responded with 2 of their own quite fast. 2 successful bomb plants by se Fnatic, though, gave them the upper hand, while we chose to save for 2 rounds in a row. The 7th round saw ua NAVI left in a 2v1 situation, and we were guarding the bomb heavily. Fnatic maintained the lead regardless and increased their lead. ua NAVI were coming close for a few rounds, but not enough to score a point.

As the opponent approached 8th point, ua NAVI came back alive. After a couple of rounds dropped, se Fnatic got quite a bad economy, and they had to eco. Sure enough, ua NAVI used the situation to their advantage. The half, ultimately, went the way of ua NAVI, as the opponent had little means to turn the game back around - we arrive into the second half with a minimal advantage - 8:7.

The second half's pistols turned into a bloodbath right away - ua NAVI took the lead from the start, and obliterated se Fnatic, while only losing 2. The next round had ua NAVI make it into the double digits territory. The first gun round, though, didn't go too well, as we lost 3 in exchange for 0. That was Fnatic's round for the taking, but the reset followed right back. We capitalized on the suboptimal economy of the opponent and took a few more.

Soon, ua NAVI approached the match point, as se Fnatic didn't look too promising. They had quite a tough challenge ahead, and we didn't want to give it that easily. The first match point didn't see much action initially, as we tried to secure the round, but se Fnatic took the round quite confidently - 15:9. We denied them the chance of making it double digits, though - next round saw the entire team take over the B bombsite before the opponent had the chance to respond - 16:9, as we head to the playoffs!