Natus Vincere in FACEIT Major group stage

CS2 / News / 19 September 2018 — 05:59

S1mple and electroNic are among top 3 event's best players!

As the action calmed down a bit before the FACEIT Major playoffs, we'd like to sum up our group stage performance and analyze the most interesting stats of ua NAVI.GG.BET's players.

ru Denis "electroNic" Sharipov and ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev are now occupying second and third positions respectively in the list of the tournament's best players. Denis scored a 1.44 rating and Sasha 1.42 in the New Legends stage. gb Owen "Smooya" Butterfield with a 1.54 rating currently holds first place, having played a total of four maps in the group stage.

Smooya will go face to face with our duo on Thursday, as we'll be meeting de BIG in the FACEIT Major quarter-finals. We hope electroNic and s1mple will show their best game to knock the British player from the top of the list!

Let's take a closer look at other achievements of electroNic and s1mple at this event.

Denis is second in terms of damage rating (+ 30.5). Sasha tops KAST standings with 87.6% and holds third place in 1+ frag per round (60%). In turn, ua Edward holds fourth position in terms of rounds where he got an assist (28.6%).

Our teamwork has also been great this week: NAVI became one of the best teams based on performance in the rounds with man advantage (84.7% win rate) and also finished fifth based on total exchanges (23.6%). We believe our teamwork will get even better in playoffs, and the boys will be able to lift the FACEIT Major trophy! #gonavi