FACEIT Major 2018: victory vs BIG

CS2 / News / 20 September 2018 — 15:10

A beautiful and skilled show

The playoffs for ua NAVI.GG.BET started with a match against de BIG. The series ended with 2:0 our way, as ua NAVI showed some incredibly skilled CS:GO.

Dust 2 - Natus Vincere [1:0] BIG

The first game started quite well for ua NAVI - the pistols round went our way, which eventually transformed to a 3:0. The 4th round saw ua NAVI just barely holding to the round, as ua Edward defused the bomb with 5 hp left. However, we were in a very good lead, with a great economy thanks to minimal losses.  Eventually, we hit 5:0, but during the 6th round, de BIG came online, scoring their 1st, as they managed to get the first pickoff, and 2 of our players chose to save. Right after, BIG tried to deny the save, but ru electroNic took down all the 3 players, leaving only 1 alive, despite losing his gun to the bomb.

 ua NAVI came back after a tactical pause, with electronic in a good boosted position in CT spawn, while s1mple was guarding the B site - the setup worked well, as we took another point. de BIG were not getting the plants, and that denied them additional money. The eco round only had ua NAVI lose 1 player after a double peek - 8:2, as we secure the half and move forth to increase the advantage. During the 12th round, de BIG only damaged 1 player, but lost all - their economy was quite bad, as we got a solid advantage. We felt like the game was ours - for the last round of the half, ru electroNic claimed an ace, with the score hitting 13:2.

The second half started with a victory in the pistol round - CTs had no means to stop the bomb planted, and the scarce utility of the opponent secured us the point. Next round was the force buy from de BIG, and ua NAVI managed to find the bomb plant - 15:2. We denied the opponent any chance to try and come back into the game - the game goes our way 16:2.

Nuke - Natus Vincere [2:0] BIG

The second game started the way of de BIG initially, but the second half saw ua NAVI pull off the bomb plant - 1:1. The next round had us spread all over the map, and the defense struggled to concentrate until everyone gathered on B bombsite. The 5th round was a tough one, as de BIG were a few bullets away from turning the game around, yet the next round wasn't so good for us - 4:2. However, that didn't set us back, as ua NAVI kept getting rounds - the reset hurt the opponent a lot.

The game hit 7:2, and BIG asked for a timeout. It didn't help the opponent much, as ua s1mple stepped up in a 1v1 to claim the 8th point. A little later, ua NAVI managed to get the bomb planted, and ru electroNic was left in a 1v1 - we made it into the double-digits territory. A 3v5 on the 15th round had ua Zeus plant the bomb and play the round from there. The half ended with 12:3 for ua NAVI - the last round didn't quite work for us, but we were in a very comfortable lead.

The second half did not have as favorable beginning as the last game - de BIG took the first and the second round, being their first consecutive win thus far. de BIG decided to play a quick game, not giving us much time, as they got half our score - 12:6. Finally, ua NAVI collected the thoughts and took the first round of the half, slowly getting to 14:6. 3 rounds in a row, and we finally got to the match point. The first match point had ua NAVI with 2 players, while the opponent was alone - de BIG almost managed to plant, but we were there to deny it - the game goes our way 16:6!