OGA PIT Invitational: Day 1 recap

PUBG / News / 21 September 2018 — 08:19

The first day is over

ru NAVI.GG.BET joined the fight for $ 40,000, which are on the line at an online tournament OGA PIT Invitational. The team is halfway there, and it's time to sum up the interim results here.

ru Dmitriy "Shade1" Roshchin, ru Artem "Sadovnik" Danilyuk (kz Se7en eSports), ru Alexander "BatulinS" Batulin (ru M19) and the captain ru Vadim "POKAMOLODOY" Ulshin were the ones to represent ru Natus Vincere. 19 teams more joined the fray, with some experienced opponents, likefr Team Vitality, eu FaZe Clan and eu Team Liquid.

Match # Map Result
1 Erangel 17 place (0 frags)
2 Erangel 5 place (2 frags)
3 Erangel 20 place (0 frags)
4 Erangel 14 place (4 frags)

Within the first day, 4 matches took place, all of which happened on Erangel. Our guys did not have the best start: in the first game they took 17th place without having scored a single frag. The second game was way more successful for the "yellow-black"; as a result, we made it to the top-5 and improved our placement.

Alas, we didn't manage to capitalize on that. In the third match ru NAVI had to face opponents at an early stage - the guys dropped out of the competition first and missed the opportunity to earn points. Finally, in the final game, the team finished 14 and made 4 frags.

Place Team Total
1  dk Team Dignitas 2,100
2  eu FaZe Clan 2005
3  ru Winside 1240
4  eu TINDERGULD  1115
5  eu Team Liquid 1085.
6  eu Welcome to South Georgo 1070
7  de PENTA Sports 885
8  us Cloud9 845
9  fr Team Vitality 845
10  eu MOONWOLF 680
11  eu G2 Esports  655
12  eu King Club 525
14  eu Fly to Hospital  460
15  eu Purple Cobras 440
16  ru NAVI.GG.BET 395
17  eu Gankstars 380
18  eu MYM 375
19  us Ghost Gaming  210
20  cz Sensei Esports 190

After the first game day, our squad is located on the 16th line of the standings and has 395 points, but the Born to Win will still have a chance to close the gap, or even break out into the leaders! The second game day will put everything in its place: fights will start at 16:00. This is a rough period for the team, so the support of the loyal fans is very important - we are waiting for you on the streams and wishing the guys good luck!