FACEIT Major: Semifinals

CS2 / News / 22 September 2018 — 08:14

The game starts at 17;15 CEST.

The semifinal match of FACEIT Major will see ua NAVI.GG.BET go up against br MIBR in a bo3. The game starts at 17.15 CEST, September 22.

On the road to the semifinals, the Brazilians suffered a total of two defeats – against cn TyLoo (14-16) and dk Astralis (0:16). However, they showed confident performance in the rest of the matchups, winning against fr G2 (16-4), eu mousesports (16-6), and sealing off the last playoff berth in the match against se NiP (2-1).

Born to Win, in turn, rounded out the group stage run placing 3-5th. Round 1 saw us lose to Astralis (14-16), but we then went on to secure three wins in a row: against eu FaZe Clan (16-12 ), se fnatic (16-9) and se NiP (16-6).

Fast forward to quarterfinal matches, which turned out to be quite one-sided for both teams, br MIBR clashed against us compLexity, and we took on de BIG. Both encounters ended with the same 2-0 score. Last time we encountered MIBR was at StarSeries S5, where we won with a 2-1 score. Our players will be looking to put in another decent performance and advance to the FACEIT Major 2018 grand final! #gonavi

FACEIT Major 2018 (bo3)
September 22, 17:15 CEST 
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