FACEIT Major 2018: victory vs MIBR

CS2 / News / 22 September 2018 — 18:00

The semifinals of FACEIT Major 2018 saw ua NAVI.GG.BET fight against de MIBR. The game ended 2:0 the way of ua NAVI after 2 confident games.

Overpass - NAVI.GG.BET [1:0] MIBR

The first game was on Overpass. ua NAVI took the first 3 rounds, taking the pistols and following it up with 2 more. de MIBR took the first gun round, and eventually took thelead, going on a 4-round spree - 3:4 the way of the opponent. ua NAVI didn't want to allow the opponent to run away with such a lead, and beounced back online with a streak of their own - 6:4. MIBR took one more point, but that was their last move in the half - from there onwards, it was NAVI's game. The first half ended with 10:5 our way,

The second half started similarly to the first - the initial 3 went to us again. However, the gun round didn't help the MIBR much, as the opponent wasn't ready to take an incredibly had clutch - we jumped to 14:5. de MIBR still didn't come online, as ua NAVI were confidently moving towards the match point, with all the economy at our disposal. Despite some close plays, the game remained unswayed - match point 15:5.

The opponent didn't give up that easily, though - we were waiting on another bombside, and didn't manage to rotate timely - 15:6. Next round saw a bloodshed on B, and 2v2 ended the way of de MIBR. They started to come back into the game, as we dropped 3 rounds straight, and our economy suffered. Eventually, de MIBR made their way into the double digits, as ua NAVI were looking for that 1 mistake. Eventually, it happened - we decided to save and get a good economy for the next round. The 3v3 went our way, and the game was secured - 16:10.

Natus Vincere
Игрок Kills/Deaths +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 26-16 +10 91.9 1.44
Edward 21-14 +7 79.8 1.40
electronic 24-18 +6 103.7 1.40
flamie 19-18 +1 82.4 1.08
Zeus 12-15 -3 56.9 0.88

Dust2 - NAVI.GG.BET [2:0] MIBR

The second game was an infamous Dust 2. The beginning was quite promising for ua NAVI - 3 rounds our way yet again, with a comfortable position. The first gun round had ua s1mple with his signature AWP, and the 3v2 further solidified our momentum in the game - 4:0. de MIBR attempted to stop us with wall of smokes, but ru electroNic was confident enough to go through - 6:0 is the score. For the 7th round of the half, ua s1mple took the long, buying ua NAVI a ton of time.

Finally, de MIBR took their first round, getting online at 7:1. It wasn't before the 11th round that ua NAVI reclaimed the position on the map, and took the half at least - 8:3. As the half progressed, teams traded rounds, but the round advantage allowed ua NAVI to keep their lead - 10:5, just like the first map. We were very close to making it into the finals.

The second half started quite similar to the first - ua NAVI went on a streak yet again, with the game coming dangerously close for de MIBR. Despite their best attempts, we kept going forth, giving them no chance to take the initiative back. de MIBR didn't take a single round for the duration of the second half, and the game went the way of ua NAVI 16:5 - we move to the finals!

Natus Vincere
Игрок Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 22-8 +14 93.5 1.74
electronic 21-13 +8 95.0 1.45
Edward 18-11 +7 77.1 1.30
flamie 14-8 +6 67.6 1.28
Zeus 11-9 +2 77.2 1.23


Natus Vincere
Игрок Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 48-24 +24 92.6 1.57
electronic 45-31 +14 99.9 1.42
Edward 39-25 +14 78.6 1.35
flamie 33-26 +7 75.8 1.17
Zeus 23-24 -1 66.0 1.03